Xforce Posture Corrective Brace by Surgik

Product description

The Xforce posture corrective brace resembles a large letter “Y” when disassembled and stretched out flat, extending over six feet in length. The body is composed of a soft double layer of felt-like material filled with a 1/4″ thick sheet of foam. The main body of the cover is made of a soft, cushioned material that also serves as an attachment surface for Velcro adjustment straps.

The thickly woven cotton adjustment strap serves as an extension of the padded shoulder strap. Each strap includes a row of rough Velcro hook material stitched on end and adheres to the soft shoulder pad fabric after traveling through a plastic loop at the rear of the support.

The two 1.5″ plastic adjustment loops are joined at opposing angles with a tiny piece of strapping cloth that is then sewn onto a strip of Velcro material. A separate component, consisting of the loops, woven strap, and piece of Velcro, may be positioned anywhere along the rear center of the brace.

Overall, the Xforce Posture Corrective Brace appears to be well-made using high-quality materials. Each component is meticulously stitched together, giving the brace a sleek, well-proportioned look.


How does it work?

The “fix” for poor posture is frequently thought to be finding decent posture support and wearing it every day. Although doing so may make you appear to have good posture for a time, it does not address the underlying causes of bad posture.

In most cases, bad posture is simply a poor habit that gets worse with time. It can be caused by spending numerous hours each day at work leaning forward to view the computer screen. Another reason may be that you spend a lot of time looking down at a smartphone, other electronic gadgets (as termed tech neck), or slouch while sitting. Is it possible that a job-related activity has caused this problem? Here are a few of the reasons why we develop poor posture.

We must first address the underlying problem by enhancing our postural awareness to cure lousy posture. The brain will eventually take over and perform these activities without conscious thought if you continuously urge yourself to keep your shoulder back and head up. In time, I learned more advantageous behaviors supplant negative posture habits.

This is where posture support such as the Xforce Posture Corrective Brace can come in handy. The Xforce is a typical figure 8 clavicle brace. It physically pushes your shoulders back when you wear it. If you wear it for a few hours each day, your body will re-learn how to maintain good posture. You may feel your posture improving over time as muscle memory takes hold.

Xforce Posture Corrective Brace should be used as a training device rather than rely on for long-term, daily usage. Once you’ve corrected your posture, you may want to use the brace as a reminder and for added support on occasion.

Who makes the Xforce Posture Corrective Brace?

Surgik LC is the manufacturer of the Xforce Posture Corrective Brace. It’s located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Luis Hernandez is the company’s owner. They also sell this assistance and many others under the Ubraces brand name.

Surgik’s primary focus appears to be the manufacturing and sale of surgical equipment such as wound closures, sutures, stables, and forceps.

The Claim

The company Surgik states that orthopedists create their devices. They state that following the instructions will align your shoulders and relieve persistent back and neck discomfort while also improving posture. While they claim that an orthopedist created the design of this device, the firm provides no information regarding who designed it.


Overall cost and sizes available

The Xforce Posture Corrective Brace sells for $19.95 with free 5-7 day ground delivery, which is a reasonable price for this feature-rich device. For an additional $6.50, you may upgrade your shipping to two-five day priority. On average, the total cost of posture support is considerably less than other supports.

The manufacturer makes it simple by providing a one-size-fits-all product. We recommend measuring the distance from one armpit to the other before purchasing. If the overall length is greater than 30 inches, this product is unlikely to fit.

Putting the Xforce Posture Corrective Brace to the test

I spent two weeks putting my Xforce to the test after receiving it. When I’m seated behind my computer desk, I experience most of the problems with my posture. This is where I’ll spend several hours each day, and this is where I intend to spend the majority of my time testing it.

Before putting it on, I followed the manufacturer’s instructions and fitted it.

Initial fitting process

The instructions recommend that some customers require help during the fitting process since changing the straps may be difficult. On the other hand, I found the installation process to be very simple and was able to obtain a proper fit without any help. To install the Xforce Posture Corrective Brace, I followed these instructions from the manufacturer:

Instructions :

  1. Start by laying the brace flat on a table with the product label facing you. Feed each plastic buckle with white cotton straps one at a time. The left strap is passed through the left buckle, and the right strap is threaded through the right buckle.
  2. Each strap should be fastened to the blue shoulder straps with the Velcro backing. It’s not important where you attach the strap at this time. However, you’ll want to leave enough slack in the strap so that it may be draped over your back.
  3. Place the support as you would a backpack. To begin, feed one arm through the tension strap and then the other. Remember, the “Xforce” seal should be visible when it is worn properly.
  4. Then, you must modify each shoulder strap separately. Some people may require the assistance of a second person. Remove and pull each tension strap until your shoulders return. The aim is to gently pull the shoulders back slightly to fix the shoulder slump. After you’ve found a suitable spot, attach the adjustable straps to the blue shoulder pad with the Velcro backing. It’s crucial to remember that tightening the straps too much might cut off blood flow under the arms and cause pain. Make sure the straps are adjusted equally.
  5. The buckle assembly may be adjusted up or down by removing it and securing it in the desired position. This was unnecessary for me, but it is something to keep in mind.

Day 1

The Xforce Posture Corrective Brace is simple to put on and take off since it does not require you to change the shoulder straps each time you remove it.

One of the first things I noticed was that the manufacturers’ instructions offered no information about how long to wear their brace. I’ve used numerous supports that were comparable in nature in the past. Previous experience has taught me that a posture supporter should be worn for less than two hours each day. It also aids in training core muscular memory, which is why it’s important to retrain your posture. Wearing support for an extended length of time might cause you to become reliant on it. If the assistance takes over your posture’s regular function, your postural muscles can actually weaken, and your posture will worsen.

As a result, I decided to put on the Xforce Posture Corrective Brace for about an hour and a half each day.

The Xforce Posture Corrective Brace was the first posture brace I’d ever tried, and it quickly became apparent that no other posture support like it existed. With little to no give, it kept my shoulders firmly in place. Most other braces on the market now include some degree of elasticity, but this one did not.

Is it a desired trait or not? I’m inclined to think it depends on the application. Since I planned to sit while wearing the brace behind my computer, good solid support appears to be appropriate.

I spent the first day wearing the brace while at work for around an hour. I’m certain it supported me well, preventing my shoulders from slumping forward. The soft shoulder straps were wonderful for alleviating discomfort and red marks on the skin.


The two-week test


I put the Xforce Posture Corrective Brace to the test for two weeks, about one to two hours each day, as I have with other posture supports.

The first few weeks were a bit of a struggle, as my body got used to the novelty of the support. Slouching in my seat was not an issue because I had gotten used to doing so, but sitting up straight felt strange and uncomfortable. After removing the brace each morning, I would try to sit up straight with my shoulders back against the seat. During the first week, I was able to keep my neck and shoulders back while seated and avoid slouching. When I took the brace off, on the other hand, my posture was occasionally hampered.

Wearing this support became a bit more pleasant towards the end of the second week. By then, I had gotten used to it and could tolerate it for a few hours each day. By the end of the 2nd week, I had improved my postural awareness and felt some alleviation in my neck and shoulder – just as promised. I was certain that this product was effective at the conclusion of the study.

Overall opinion

The Xforce Posture Corrective Brace was simple to install and use, and it provided excellent support. While wearing, the simple figure 8 design gave solid support, making forward shoulder slumping physically impossible. The rigid design makes it perfect for executing activities while seated, such as in an office environment. It may be difficult when worn for more complicated tasks like exercising or bending over to collect something.

This support is made of superior material and workmanship than I expected for an ultra-low price. Because it is made of strong material, I have no doubt that it will last a long time.

Both being made by an orthopedist and being inexpensive are must-haves.

If you want to conceal this support, you should wear baggy clothing since the padded cloth will show through tight-fitting clothing.

On the negative side, I observed that the shoulder straps were a little wide around the armpit region. It’s not hard to put on, but it is noticeable at times.

Overall, Xforce Posture Corrective Brace offers a lot of value for your money. This gadget may be perfect for you if you’re searching for an inexpensive device that’s ideal for office use. If you want to spend a little more money and get greater mobility, take a look at some of the alternative options that are available.


Pros vs. Cons


  • Inexpensive
  • Solidly constructed
  • Lightweight
  • Designed by an orthopedist
  • A one-size-fits-all solution eliminates the risk of uncertainty about your size.
  • The cushiony straps make it pleasant to wear.
  • The firm design makes it perfect for an office setting.
  • The simplicity of this design makes it simple to install and adjust.


  • Under the arms, somewhat hefty
  • You might be restricted from performing certain activities.

Do You Still Need Help Selecting a Posture Brace?

There are well over 100 different items available on the market right now, including posture supports and resistance trainers, biofeedback clothing, and other equipment. With so many to select from, selecting one that fulfills your needs may be challenging.

I compared the most popular posture braces to create this Posture brace comparison table, based on comfort, efficacy, and innovation criteria.

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