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fix hunchback neck

How to Fix a Hunchback Neck – The Easiest Way

Is your life a pain in the neck? For many the answer is yes – literally. In today’s mobile environment we are constantly hunched over carrying heavy bags or looking at screens. These factors are causing many people to suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain because of the way we live, move and work. […]

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Thoracic Kyphosis Symptoms

Ways to Diagnose Thoracic Kyphosis Symptoms

When you have back discomfort or pain (mild or severe) it could be due to overuse, muscle strain or sometimes thoracic kyphosis.  A doctor has many ways to diagnose thoracic kyphosis including physically examining you to see whether you have bad posture. He or she will examine the curvature of your kyphotic curve, which is […]

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What is Kyphosis? Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

What is Kyphosis? Defining Kyphosis Typically, a healthy spine runs straight throughout its entire length, with two curvatures – one on the upper portion of your back and the other opposite of it. The upper part the spine is known as the thoracic kyphosis. The thoracic kyphosis runs from the shoulders down to the bottom […]

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