Back Pain & Conditions

Back Pain: Symptoms, Causes, And Prevention

Almost 80% of Americans experience back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain is one of the leading causes of disability, and its prevalence has increased over time. Back pain can be caused by many different things, including injury or illness. This article will discuss how to prevent back discomfort from happening, what causes it to happen, and when you should see a doctor about your symptoms. Overview Back pain is one of the most common reasons people visit their doctor or miss work, and it is a major cause of disability worldwide. Fortunately, you can take steps to avoid or alleviate the majority of back pain. If your back pain persists despite this, simple home therapy and good body posture may usually heal it in a few weeks and keep it operational. Back pain seldom requires surgical treatment. Symptoms Back pain can vary from an aching muscle…

Lordotic Posture: Causes, Effects & Exercises

Lordosis is a lordotic posture that can cause many issues in the back and neck. It also affects the way we feel, leading to anxiety and depression. This blog post will discuss lordosis causes, effects of lordosis on the body, and exercises for lordotic posture. Your spine isn’t supposed to be straight. A healthy spine has three gentle curves–two forward-bending in the neck and lower back curves known as lordosis, and another called kyphosis in the upper back that arches outward. These curves help your spine absorb shock, keep your body stable, and support the head. Although lordosis can be a good thing for your back, too much of it can cause trouble. When you have hyperlordosis (a type of lordosis), which is less common but still possible, side effects such as numbness and pain and in the legs are common. Here are a few ways to figure out if…

12 Health Benefits of Inversion Table Exercises

Have you ever heard of inversion table exercises? If not, it is time to get in the know. You may be thinking inversion table exercise can’t possibly offer all that much in the way of health benefits- but in reality, these exercises can do a lot for your body and well-being. This blog post will discuss 12 reasons why inversion tables are so beneficial to your health! What is an Inversion Therapy? Inversion table therapy involves inverting your body to create an upside-down position. Inversion tables can improve spinal traction and decompress the spine for back pain relief by reversing the gravity on your spine. How to Use an Inversion Table? The benefits of inversion therapy are plentiful, and it’s easy to do—find out how with these handy steps. Step 1: You lie on your back with the table tilted upwards, then slowly lower yourself until you hang upside-down. Step 2: Hold…

Top 10 Benefits of Inversion Tables on Your Body and Mind

The thought of flipping your body upside down can bring about a whole range of emotions, from excitement, anxiety to fear. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that the idea of getting an inversion table might cause some people to have chills. In this article, we will learn about the top 10 potential benefits of inversion tables. More than half of those who get inversion tables are looking for some sort of relief for their back-pain ailments. And while back pain is arguably one of the most life-changing benefits of decompressing on an inversion table device, its benefits don’t stop there. It doesn’t matter your age or fitness level, regularly inverting offers a wide range of benefits. Most Common Back Problems that You don’t Know About It is common for one thing to lead to the occurrence of something else. Smoking causes cancer, drinking leads to cirrhosis, and we even heard…

Best Compression Belts For Working Or Playing

Back pain can be the end of productivity, getting in the way of all the things you need to do in your busy life. These Compression Belt is the best option for comfortable lumbar support, while still allowing for full range of movement. The curved design helps minimize slipping and bunch, while eight stays provide additional support to the back. Mesh panels allow for the release of excess heat and moisture. Dual adjustment straps ensure customize support for the most comfortable fit. This brace is perfect for everyday use, higher intensity workouts, and everything in between

Best Shoulder Support Braces

Shoulder pain and injury caused by muscle tears, joint inflammation and tendon damage can be debilitating. It’s vital that you properly support your shoulder so you’re able to relieve your pain. These Shoulder Support Braces has been proven to provide maximum support while accelerating your healing process without limiting your movements or lifestyle. Perform at your best at work, stay active and enjoy a more restful and comfortable sleep while your shoulder heals.

Best Stretchers for Back Pain Relief

Best Stretchers for Back Pain Relief The Back Stretcher Helps relieve back pain & posture correction preventive care for your lower back and posture The back stretcher and lumbar support is uniquely designed to help correct and improve posture. Lumbar support cushion Back pain relief Posture corrector Back massager Spinal Traction Back support for office chair Acupuncture Massager Back massager Office chair back support

How Inversion Therapy Can Relieve a Pinched Nerve

[Updated on 1 June 2020] If you recently had a “pinched nerve,” you may be looking for solutions to relieve it. The good news is, relief for a pinched nerve is not as difficult to achieve as you might think; however, it takes some effort and, in some cases, life changes. While pinched nerves might be as a result of a sudden injury such as a car accident, a fall or slip, it mostly happens as a result of the slow decay of time. As we grow older, the discs located in the spinal column meant to help us with mobility become damaged and dislocated. The result is a pinched nerve. It’s possible to get a pinched nerve from something as simple as sleeping on too many pillows since it pushes your spine out of alignment and exerts pressure on the surrounding nerves. So, is there relief for a pinched…

What is the Sternocleidomastoid Muscle, and how does it link to Bad Posture?

[Updated on 1 June 2020] The Sternocleidomastoid muscle is the largest and most superficial muscle located in the front portion of the human neck. The Sternocleidomastoid is also known as the SCM or the Sterno muscle or the Sternomastoid. Sternocleidomastoid muscle’s name hails from the Latin name, meaning “Sterno=chest, Cleido in Greek means Clavicle, while Mastros means breast and eidos translate to shape and form. The Sternocleidomastoid muscle is a long bilateral muscle of the neck that works by flexing the neck both anteriorly and laterally as well as rotate the head contralaterally towards the side of contraction. The Sternocleidomastoid is related closely to certain types of neurovascular structures that pass through the human neck leading to the head and the periphery of the body. Does the Sternocleidomastoid Muscle Affect Posture? The Sternocleidomastoid muscle is the muscle that is found in front of the throat and rotates in the human…