Percussion Massager Benefits & Which Trigger Point Massager Is Best for Athletes?

Today more than ever, the world is serious about their health and wellbeing. America spends over $10 billion on fitness gadgets every year. And according to leading health experts, Americans hate the feeling of being uncomfortable, such as sore muscles and pain from workout sessions. Fortunately, there’s a new development; Percussive Massage Therapy.

You have probably seen them at work on your social media feeds, videos of something that resembles a drill gun pounding an individual’s muscle at high intensity.  The Percussion massager is perhaps the busiest muscle recovery tool today. Their boom has been popularized by professional athletes as well as viral videos on the internet.

What is Percussive Massage Therapy?

Percussion therapy works to enhance and accelerate muscle fiber repair offering rapid bursts of pressure in concentrated, short-duration pulses into your body tissues. This action helps in blood circulation to crucial areas, alleviating pain symptoms, and subsequently improving the range of motion as well as function.

Percussion therapy also offers a gentle stretch that works to enhance flexibility, physical response, and performance. After a long day at the gym, percussion therapy can be used to boost recovery. It works by relaxing the thickened connective tissues, helping break down adhesion and internal tissue scars, enhancing flexibility through gentle stretching, while increasing the range of movement.

Why is Percussion Therapy Important?

Percussion therapy is one of the newest forms of pain recovery in the industry. It works by creating fast-slow shocks over a short period to stimulate your muscle fibers. The continuous blows help relieve muscle tension assisting the user in healing and relaxing. These vibrations penetrate deep into the body. Since the soft tissues are in contact with every part of the human internal system, the benefits are vast.

How does Percussion Therapy work?

Percussion therapy involves using a handheld device that works by jolting target areas of the body with a gentle pulse of pressure. The handheld Percussion massager works by rapid tapping to promote circulation and relax tight tissues. Unlike your traditional manual bodywork, this handheld massage tool creates repetitive pulses that offer consistency of pressure and frequency of percussions per minute.

Most times, we have several parts of our bodies experiencing sharp pain in the muscles. When pressure is applied, there’s a lot of discomforts experienced even when we use traditional methods of massaging. 

The Percussion massager works differently since it desensitizes the surrounding area of your sore muscles by shocking the muscle fiber gradually until the target area is penetrated. With this method, users can target specific muscle soreness without experiencing the pain that comes with it.

When using traditional massage methods, the human hand is unable to penetrate the hard to reach areas, failing to take care of the root problem. Furthermore, sometimes, the experience is too much to bear. With percussion therapy, there’s a lot of relief and minimal pain.

Who Should Use Percussion Therapy?

Percussion therapy is for anyone physically active. For instance, athletes experience a lot of soreness and stiffness in the muscles after workouts. It is a must to alleviate some of that pain to maximize on the exercises, and that is where percussion therapy comes in.

You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy its benefits since percussion therapy helps in the repair and recovery of muscle fibers helping you feel a lot better. In case you are experiencing a sore back from long hours in the office, percussion therapy will work wonders.

The Benefits of Percussion Massagers

Percussion massage is fast becoming one of the most popular tools when it comes to improved athletic performance, wellness, and recovery. Previously, this tool was only available for athletic trainers and medical professionals, but today, a wide variety of percussion massagers are available for use by the general public. So, what benefits do these gadgets offer?

BenefitsPercussionMassagersNatural Stress Reliever

Percussion massagers have been known to help relieve stress leaving you feeling revitalized naturally. The benefits of this tool are no longer only limited to professional athletes or physical therapy patients. 

Since it offers increased flexibility, reduced muscle tightness and soreness, enhanced recovery, increased range of motion, and overall body movement and better sleep, percussion therapy is beneficial to nearly everyone.

Helps Sore Muscles Heal Faster

Percussion massagers help sore muscles heal faster, especially after a strenuous workout. They do this by improving your blood circulation. Since blood can move more efficiently through the vascular system, so does oxygen.

Users also experience an improved flow of oxygen that results in fewer muscle cramps, which in return, assist in the healing and recovery process. With this, athletes can resume their regular workouts quicker.

Enhances Flexibility

Did you know that using the percussion massager can offer greater flexibility? The tapping provided by this tool helps to stretch the muscles. When your muscles are flexible, you are less likely to get injured during strenuous and workout activities. It also works to reduce pains and aches in general since your tissue is loose and less tense.

Percussion therapy also helps improve your posture and balance giving you a more positive outlook and increased strength.

Better drainage of the Lymphatic System

Just the way oxygen moves through your vascular system, the lymph travels through the muscular system. Proper drainage of the lymph is vital since it lets your body get rid of waste and toxins. When your body can get rid of these tainted materials, your organs function better, improving your immune system. We all know that a more robust immune system is equivalent to a healthier you.

Another advantage of draining the lymphatic system is boosted metabolism. When you have an improved metabolism, it increases your chance of shedding off some weight.

Help relax thickened connective tissues

The fascia or connective tissue comprises everything in your body, including the arteries, nerval organs, bones, and muscles. The moment your connective tissues are tightened, you will begin to experience pains and aches.

The fascia cushions surround it, helping keep it safe. When you have an injury, the fascia helps in the repair by forming scar tissue and develops a building environment that helps in healing. Keeping the connective tissue healthy helps in reducing the pain in the secondary areas of you sustain as injury.

Helps reduce pain from Hardened Muscles

Did you know that one of the leading causes of muscle pain is muscle hardness? The tension in the rigid muscles prevents your muscles from relaxing and, as a result, causes sharp pain. This pain makes it very difficult for an individual to move.

When you want to use your muscle, your brain alerts them to move. Depending on the occasion, your mind will tell the muscles to tighten a bit or a lot. When you are stressed or fatigued, your brain sends signals for your muscles to tighten even if they are not in use. Fortunately, the percussion massage can help relax those muscles and stop those signals that are keeping them tight.

Helps Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite is an unsightly cottage cheese-looking patch that appears on the arms and legs and won’t go away regardless of the number of hours you put in the gym. It affects women and men alike. Cellulite appears when fat cells accumulate around the fiber tissues that are usually connected to your muscles. The dimpling along your skin is caused when fat cells are pushed up to your skin surface

Percussion therapy offers light shocks that force these fat cells to break apart, helping reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Helps in breaking down adhesion as well as scarring caused by working out

You will develop muscle adhesion after surgery or an injury. Adhesion is caused when fibrous tissues from between the soft tissues such as organs and muscles. The moment they develop, they force the surrounding soft tissues to glue together. This action will prevent the tissues from moving independently, which at the end of the day, limits your range of movement.

Percussion massage works to dissipate this kind of adhesion as well as other internal scars improving your range of motion after injuries, surgery, and years of workout.

Improves your Sleep Pattern

According to medical experts, percussion massage is beneficial when it comes to improving your quality of sleep. It has a positive effect on the central nervous system that encourages deep restorative sleep, a time when body repairs occur. With improved sleep, you are more likely to have an increase in energy and vitality.

Helps improve Athletic Performance

According to experts, percussion massage before exercise has been discovered to increase blood flow, improving range of motion, flexibility, blood flow, and active muscles. They also help reduce the risk of getting injured during workouts.

Decreased soreness from common conditions

Repetitive activities can exert a significant amount of stress on the body leading to a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Some of the common issues in which percussion massage can assist include soreness and aches such as bicep tendonitis, shin splints, low back pain, and sciatica. 

Best Trigger Point Massager for Athletes

TimTam Power Massager

If you are a professional athlete looking for the best recovery device used by trainers, coaches, and physical therapists worldwide, the TimTam Power Massager is your ultimate choice. Regardless of age, this massager works best to improve performance and alleviate pain.

Percussion Massager_TimTamPowerMassageAccording to the manufacturer, the device has been designed to bring recovery to all its user’s needs. It delivers percussion at a maximum rate of 2,500 per minute for a smooth therapeutic experience. For the best experience, users need to apply on the affected part of the body for instant relief. The device comes with swappable batteries and a pocket charger that make it easy to use on the go.

The TimTam Percussion massager features an easy on and off the trigger. It was also designed by former two-division UFC champion George St-Pierre and his couch Kelly Starret. They are both experienced when it comes to peak performance and body recovery.


Theragun G3PRO

If you are looking for a premium option percussion massager, then you need to get the Theragun G3PRO. It’s perhaps one of the most advanced deep tissue massagers in the market that works to relieve soreness, muscle tension, and pain effectively.

Percussion Massager TheragunG3PROThere are more than ten years of advanced research on this development, making it one of the most ergonomic, and ultra-comfortable devices that are capable of treating those hard to reach areas such as the lower back. It’s designed by the Massachusetts Institute of technology engineers and offers seamless functionality, backed by an industrial-grade motor.

This massage device features an adjustable arm with four angled arm positions, six pro designed attachments, two scientifically tested speeds, and swappable rechargeable batteries for prolonged use. It also comes with a quality design-build intended to last and backed by an industry-leading two-year warranty.

The Theragun G3PRO is ideal for post-workout myofascial release, especially in hard to reach areas of the body. Sixty pounds of force works to release knots, spasms, and cramps. This device offers a natural way to improve your health. According to the manufacturer, this device is capable of optimizing the user’s blood flow as well as activating their body for increased energy after workouts.


Hypervolt Plus

The Hypervolt Plus is a state-of-the-art percussion massage device that works to relax stiff and sore muscles to improve muscle mobility. One iconic feature of this device is that it offers a quiet experience compared to other massagers in the market. Its sure lives to its marketing slogan of being “powerful and deadly” due to its high-torque motor.

HypervoltPlusAccording to the manufacturer, the Hypervolt Plus offers effective relief for stiff and sore muscles, as well as faster post-workout recovery. It uses Hyperice’s QuiteGlide technology, backed with a 90-watt high torque motor offering a pain-relieving experience. 

This massager also comes with multiple attachments for optimal pressure on different muscle target groups. This device boasts up to 2.5 hours of use per charge and comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It features a five-speed power setting, which is heaven-sent when it comes to pain and soreness relief.

Bottom Line

A percussion Massager must never be used to diagnose an injury. In case you are suffering from an injury, it is advisable to consult your doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor before purchasing a Percussion Massager.

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