Can Bad Posture Be Corrected?

[Updated on 1 December 2020] It is a widely known and accepted fact that good posture is essential for good health. Poor posture, when we recognize it, is formed as a consequence of bad habits that were developed over many years. Poor posture can cause long term body disorder or pain. This is evident in many adults, but only a few have realized; the importance and necessity of having a good body posture.

How we hold our bodies while sitting, standing, lying down, or walking is called posture. When the body parts are in correct alignment because of the support coming from an adequate amount of tension that muscles exert against gravity, it means that you have a good posture. We would simply fall to the ground if we did not have posture and the muscles that support it.

We don’t have to think about maintaining good body posture because our bodies, through our muscles, do it naturally. In maintaining proper posture, some muscle tension, like the hamstrings and certain large back muscles, are very important.

Proper Posture: Can bad posture be corrected?

When functioning properly, postural muscles help in preventing gravity from pulling us down; with the help of the ligaments holding the skeleton together. Postural muscles, likewise, help in maintaining balance and posture whenever we are moving.

Good posture is very important because it helps us do our daily activities and movements; without placing unnecessary strain on the supporting ligaments and core muscles.

When we have the correct posture; our joints and bones are placed in proper alignment so that the abnormal wearing of joint surfaces is decreased. Because of this, our muscles are used correctly. Also, the chances of having joint pain and degenerative arthritis are greatly diminished.

Also, correct posture helps reduce stress or overuse disorders, and even back and neck pain. Having the correct posture gives muscles room to work more efficiently so that the body uses less energy, thereby preventing muscle weakness.


In maintaining proper posture, there are several factors that greatly impact us such as our average muscle strength and flexibility, normal spine and body joint motion and balanced postural abdominal muscles, shoulder blades, are efficient. Doing exercises and being aware of your posture most of the time; and working to adjust it if necessary, is also essential.

The excessive strain is placed on your postural muscles when you have poor posture. This may cause the muscles to relax when angled in specific positions for extended periods. There are many factors that affect our posture such as stress, obesity, weak muscles, pregnancy, tight muscles, shoes and so much more.

Also, a non-conducive work environment, decreased flexibility, unhealthy standing and sitting habits and incorrect working positions contribute to bad posture.

Improving bad posture is important because it can be a factor in chronic back or neck pain, mostly in the later years of life. To do this, active change is needed because poor posture that has developed gradually throughout the years will not go away without a lot of effort.

There are devices such as the Royal Posture Back Support Brace that may help by using less effort to correct the problem, but a person must actively seek positive change. There are conditions that are quite irreversible, so it’s very important to notice the symptoms early on.

It’s not clear how easily and quickly postural problems can be remedied because it varies from person to person, depending on many different factors such as lifestyle, dedication, the severity of the problem and so on.

According to wikipedia, poor posture is also a main risk factor in many injuries.For example, patients with chronic low back pain or neck pain demonstrate poor postural stability.

Posture can be corrected

Postural problems that are longstanding will definitely take a longer time. It needs more effort to correct as compared to the short-lived efforts. Because the joints have adapted to the long-standing improper posture.

Remaining aware of your posture throughout the day is important to improving and maintaining good posture. This can be difficult with all the things in our lives which demand our attention. We can easily fall back into unhealthy habits or fail to pay attention to how we are sitting, standing and walking. You can always choose to use a posture corrector too.

With consistent practicing of good posture for standing, lying down, sitting and walking, good posture will gradually change your old poor posture. Keep in mind that the body can always change and doing exercises can increase muscle flexibility and strength.

For some, choosing a chiropractic doctor greatly helps in achieving proper posture. It also helps reduce the risk of injury during exercises. Doing all of these things will help your body have a healthier posture – and who does not want that?

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