Best Posture Corrector Shirt For 2020

[Updated Jan 2020] Do you sit at your desk all day hunched over from typing on your computer, neglecting the posture tips your parents or teachers used to say? Sit up straight! Shoulders back!

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Fortunately, today your boss and colleagues won’t bug you about it. Unfortunately, you may suffer from back pain. You get used to what you think is a comfortable posture after trial and error. But, you still have to wiggle your shoulder or rotate your torso or twiddle your thumbs or stretch your muscles periodically to free them. Your actions are reactive or reflexive giving you temporary relief.

One of the solutions to back pain is a posture corrector shirt. A posture corrector shirt works to improve your posture as you wear the shirt. These shirts are useful for those who work in a sitting position for most of the working hours.

The effect of sedentary jobs involving sitting positions for long hours

In an article from Men’s Health, they note the surprising health effects for sitting too long. They include:

  • Causes 6 percent of all deaths
  • Makes you feel tired, nervous, restless, or hopeless
  • Increases risk of cancer
  • Raises your blood sugar
  • Causes pulmonary embolism – blood clot due to poor circulation
  • Causes lower back pain due to disk degeneration

There are effects besides the above that you would have already identified peculiar to your specific posture. Be that as it may, you can minimize the bad effects your working posture has on your mind and body by performing exercises or wearing posture correctors. Often, you neglect to maintain your exercise routine because of your busy schedule or just plain lethargy. You may have bought a posture corrector but you loathe wearing it because it shows.

There is another way to overcome the effects of poor posture. There are posture corrector shirts introduced by two major brands – Alignmed and Intelliskin.

What is a posture corrector shirt?

A posture corrector shirt is a shirt fortified with unique technology to serve the purpose of signaling targeted muscles to perform specific functions to ensure correct posture. The shirt uses materials such as polyester, Lycra, spandex, and a combination of fibers to provide the required functions. By using patented technologies to harness the properties of different materials the shirts provide support and stability to various muscles in the back.

The product development teams at both Alignmed and Intelliskin have worked with professionals in medicine, sports medicine, and sports science to create their respective posture shirts with patented technologies. Each brand has its own process to help create the posture shirt that works for you.

Posture Shirt Technology

The Alignmed technology incorporates some proprietary technology that they have developed: Alignmed Technology Posture Corrector Shirt

  • Neuroband and Touch Tension Technology – this technology use feedback from the body to send stimuli to muscles through tension bands constructed out of polyester. The property of polyester allowing stretching in two directions helps to sustain the muscles
  • Muscle-Map Design – placement of Neurobands at the back of the shirt strategically to provide stability and support

The Intelliskin technology incorporates their own advancements including:Intelliskin Technology Posture Corrector Shirt

  • Posturecue Technology – this technology helps to send signals to the body to align the trunk, spine, and shoulders besides acting as a second skin
  • Coolcue Technology – this technology uses fibers mixed with jade stone to help to cool the cooling
  • Silverplus Technology – this technology uses a silver coating to provide microbial property

The technologies adopted by both brands promise to provide similar benefits. The posture correctors work on the muscles of your back to help you stand erect, use your muscles regularly, cool your body and provide microbial property

AlignMed Posture Shirt Review

posture corrector shirtThe AlignMed Posture Corrector Shirt uses 83 percent polyester and 17 percent Spandex materials to construct the zipper shirt. The variable elasticity of the materials permits the construction of tension panels known as NeuroBands, a patented technology of Alignmed. The purpose of the tension band is to:

  • Align the body and strengthen targeted muscles by a process of stimulation and resistance
  • Remind your muscles to perform continuously and appropriately

You will take some time to get adjusted to the skin-hugging shirt. Also, you can ease into wearing this for a few hours initially and then increase after getting acclimatized. You will feel the effect of wearing the posture corrector shirt in a few days when you see improvements such as proper alignment, better blood circulation, lesser stress on joints and quicker healing.

IntelliSkin Men’s Essential Tee

posture corrector shirtThe IntelliSkin Posture Corrector shirt uses specialized fabrics that offer 4-way stretch property along with Lycra. The three technologies employed provide compression, cooling, UV protection, and anti-microbial properties. The purpose of the posture corrector shirt is to:

  • Balance the use of all muscles by making the underused muscles work more and overworked muscles work less
  • Cover the body like a second skin and goad the muscles to respond to your movements
  • Improve your posture

After using this posture corrector for a few days you will feel taller and straighter and you might even experience an extra spring in your step!

Our Recommendation

Unfortunately, the products are new and not many choices available for better comparison. After studying the two products and evaluating their strengths, both products are good as they meet the needs of customers to attain proper posture without taxing the muscles. Choosing between the two, I would choose the AlignMed Posture Corrector Shirt. The main reason for my rejection of the IntelliSkin Posture Corrector shirt is because the fabric is unable to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

Bright future for posture shirts

The human body is remarkable. It suffers the daily grind of work but is resilient enough to bounce back the next day. Earlier, I stated that breathing is involuntary and the effect of using a posture corrector shirt is equivalent to involuntary movement of muscles no matter what you do. Even if your job demands sitting in front of the laptop for long hours, the posture corrector shirt ensures your muscles perform almost involuntarily.

Without the posture corrector shirt, you will have to take frequent breaks to exercise the underused muscles. I have no doubt in my mind that the posture corrector shirts are here to stay and they have a bright future in the years to come.

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