Bax-U Posture Support

What is the Bax-U?

The Bax-U posture brace (“Back’s You”) is a traditional-style posture brace that can be worn over or under one’s clothing. The brace is constructed of 96 percent polyester and 4 percent spandex and is produced in the United States. It’s designed to fit around the chest and shoulders, with elastic straps that use a hook-and-loop (Velcro) system for attachment.

Two pieces of silky polyester fabric are used to make this product’s body. The two layers are connected with the fastening straps.

The brace includes a 2″ wide elastic chest strap. The seat belt wraps across the back and secures at the front. Due to the Velcro design, it may be positioned in various positions.

On either side, two 1.5′′ wide shoulder straps can be adjusted for various amounts of support. The upper shoulder area is marked with a metal eyelet, where the first strap passes through before fastening at the front. As the straps are pulled tighter, more resistance is established, and your shoulders are drawn back into a “good posture” posture.

The Bax-U is small and inconspicuous when worn beneath clothing. The thickest component of the harness is the shoulder and chest straps, which are 2 millimeters thick. The body is extremely thin, measuring less than 1 mm in diameter.

Meet the creator of the Bax-U

Dr. Romina Ghassemi, a chiropractor in San Pedro, California, came up with the Bax-U after hearing from numerous patients that their fingers were numb and tingly, headaches, neck discomfort, back pain, shoulder blade tension, degenerative arthritis, and other conditions.

Throughout the years, she noticed that many people who voiced several of these concerns all had one thing in common: terrible posture.

She was on a flight home from a biomechanics seminar in 2007 when she had the notion of an invention that would help others overcome the typical problem of poor posture. She began doodling concepts for a biomechanics backpack on a napkin during this flight.

She started to think about creating a posture support system for this backpack (due to be launched in the summer of 2015). Her ambition had come to reality in 2009 when she decided to move ahead with developing her new posture support system.

The Bax-U is made by Think Healthy, a California-based firm led by Dr. Ghassemi. According to a filing with the California Secretary of State, Think Healthy was formed in August 2010. The Bax-U is now patented pending in the United States with the US Patent and Trademark Office. It’s a medical device classified as an “Orthopedic back support equipment for therapeutic applications.” It was registered with the Food and Drug Administration as a Class I medical device in 2014.


Dr. Ghassemi’s credentials

Dr. Ghassemi attended the University of Southern California of Health Sciences for her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1995. After seeing her mother take many prescription pills every day for neck pain and headaches, She decided to pursue a career as a Chiropractor. Her agony persisted, despite taking 15 pills every day. She searched for natural treatments to help her mother and others without pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Ghassemi started her first practice after graduating college, where she served as a biomechanical expert. She spent the next 13 years working in this industry. She founded Opus Medical Center in San Pedro, California, in 2011. She is now the clinic director. According to reviews on the internet, Opus is a well-liked and reputable establishment in the region.

With a Ph.D. in chiropractic and over 20 years of expertise, it should come as no surprise that Dr. Ghassemi has all of the necessary knowledge and experience to create such a gadget.

How do you use it?

While ordering the Bax-U, you must pick the correct size to function effectively. This gadget is currently available in five distinct sizes, so double-check the measurements and choose intelligently.

Feed each metal eyelet with the shoulder straps, wrap them around, then fasten the Velcro “hook” against the “loop” after unpacking your back support system. There’s no need to worry about the straps being in the wrong place now because they’ll be adjusted later.

Put the Bax-U on similarly to a vest, with the bulk of the support against your back. To keep it in place, pull down firmly and make sure it’s around your rib cage, just below your pectoral muscle. Grab hold of the chest straps and connect them in the middle of your chest. It’s better not to go overboard. Fasten firmly but not too tightly to leave a red mark after removing the support.

Before continuing, stand up straight and tall while the chest strap is placed around your rib cage and tightened firmly. To adjust, temporarily unhook each shoulder strap one at a time. Adjust the straps until they feel good while also rolling your shoulders back gently.

The Bax-U should be worn for 2-6 hours every day, according to Dr. Ghassemi. You should maintain the shoulder straps in the same position every day, even though you may make tiny adjustments after six weeks of usage. You should notice improvements within a few weeks, according to the manufacturer.

Size and Color Choices

The device comes in three hues – black, white, and nude. There are five different sizes available – X-small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

To select the appropriate size, measure around your chest 1″ below your pectoral muscle. The following can be used as a starting point when selecting your size:

  • x-small 22″-26″
  • small: 28″-34″
  • medium: 36″-42″
  • large: 44″-50″
  • X-large 52″+

If your measurements are between these values, the manufacturer recommends that men size up to the next largest size while women size down to the next smallest.

Cost including shipping & handling

Currently, the Bax-U costs $79.95 plus an additional $9.95 in shipping and handling expenses each time it is purchased. For $19.95, you may have your item sent faster and get it in two days. The firm now sells to all 50 states and the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and the United States Armed Forces America.

Overall, you should expect to pay around $90 for support delivered to your home using the standard shipping option.

This posture brace is more expensive than other postural braces.

How can I get a Bax-U for free?

Is it possible to obtain a Bax-U for free? Yes, it is feasible, but it might take some effort and patience.

A few criteria must be fulfilled to obtain free posture support. Finally, it is up to your medical insurance provider to determine whether they will cover the cost of a Bax-U.

Bax-U merely assists you in completing the insurance claim procedure; it does not handle it. Before submitting a reimbursement request to your insurance provider, you must first pay for the device out of pocket.

You must have your doctor fill out a prescription form that classifies the Bax-U as a medical necessity to be eligible for reimbursement. The “Prescription and Certification of Medical Necessity” form, which you can get from the manufacturer, is appropriately titled.

When your doctor has completed the following short form, please send it to your insurance provider together with the Bax-U sales slip. They should give a refund as long as all requirements are fulfilled.

While the manufacturer recommends that you first buy the Bax-U and then obtain a medical necessity letter from your doctor, it is probably better to ask your doctor if they are willing to complete the form before ordering. Furthermore, verify your insurance coverage to ensure that this expenditure is covered. Most major medical insurance providers typically cover such costs.

Putting the Bax-U to the test

Arrival and assembly

This support system caught my attention and rose to the top of my list of products to try since it was chiropractor-designed. I used a flexible fiberglass tape measure that can be found in the sewing section at Walmart, Target, Walgreen’s, or a variety of other commercial store to measure around my rib cage, according to their website. A medium-size (BAX002) appeared to best fit a 38′ chest.

The Bax-U came neatly packaged, including a set of fitting instructions, in a long slender retail pack within a week. I took the support out and inspected how it was made after opening the box. The bulk of the costume was formed out of two non-elastic, sturdy pieces of polyester fabric. The elastic shoulder and chest straps were stitched between the two layers with a strong seam. I tugged on the straps, and the treads did not come away from the main body. Overall, it’s a solid product that appears to withstand the test of time.

I placed the Bax-U on the table and guided the shoulder straps through the metal adjustment loops, after which I fastened them using the integrated Velcro closure. It was time to install it from here.

As directed, I followed the instructions and used the support by feeding it through each arm and over my back. I pulled down the support around my rib cage and ensured that the straps were not twisted after securing the chest strap.

I then adjusted the shoulder straps just a bit to make them more pleasant. The Bax-U was now complete!


Bax-U provided instant Support

I noticed an immediate change in my posture after putting on the Bax-U, as my shoulders were pulled back, and I felt like I was taller. Looking in the mirror, I noticed a significant improvement in my posture. My first thoughts were, “Okay, now I know what great posture feels like.”


On the first day, I spent about 3 hours wearing the Bax-U while doing chores around the house. Within minutes of removing the support, my poor posture was back to “normal.” I realize that poor posture is a learned behavior that takes time to break. My core muscles will need some time to retrain themselves.

The work test

I brought the Bax-U to work the next day to put it to the test after seeing immediate effects while using it at home. While I work behind a computer, I am generally sitting and slumped over for most of my job. As a result, I anticipated that wearing this gadget at work would be the ultimate test.

On the first day of utilizing the assistance at work, I learned that it’s most convenient when worn over an undershirt. If you wear it against the skin, make sure to wrap the Velcro straps around it several times so that the “loop” material fully covers the rough “hook” cloth. If you don’t, the Velcro material will irritate your skin (I learned the hard way).

The posture support kept my shoulders rolling back while I sat up straight when seated. As the day progressed, I found myself leaning forward to get a closer look at the screen. The Bax-U reminded me to retract my shoulders. I felt the support tightening against my shoulder blades whenever my body tried to slump over, serving as a reminder that I was leaning forward. The tension went away when the posture was returned to its original position.

I put on the harness for four hours a day and loosened the straps for 20 minutes after the first two hours.

Comfort and mobility

Comfort and mobility are common problems for posture braces in general. This garment was comfortable and non-restrictive, which helped it excel in both categories.

As you can see, I found the Bax-U to be most comfy when worn over an undershirt. The armpit straps are flat, spreading resistance across a wider surface area. It also prevents the straps from digging into your skin because it is wide. Unless you start to lean too far forward, it’s pretty pleasant. When you feel a tightening in your shoulders, adjusting your posture to the upright position is natural. After all, if it were pleasing to lean your neck and shoulders forward while wearing this equipment, it would be useless. You want a prompt to keep your shoulders back and your neck straight. The Bax-U is quite comfortable as long as you maintain good posture.

Some postural braces limit your mobility and make it difficult to carry out various activities. This product excelled in this regard. I could move my arms and upper body entirely because of its open-arm design. Because of this, I was able to accomplish routine activities like bending over to pick things up, yard work, cycling, driving, golfing, exercising, and various other tasks. I could wear it while completing these activities without any problems, and I could still maintain excellent posture.



One of my biggest worries with this gadget or any other posture support device is that it may be hidden so that it’s not visible. I’m self-conscious while wearing anything that even remotely resembles a bra as a guy.

The slogan of Bax-U is “Good to go, and no one has to know.” Okay, fantastic. But does it genuinely conceal well beneath clothing?

Bax-U Concealment×519.jpg

This is one of the thinnest items I’ve ever seen, which is crucial if you want to conceal it from others. I put the support on top of an undershirt, then a dress shirt, polo, or t-shirt to hide it. I discovered that while wearing normal-fitting clothing, it’s tough to detect. The straplines are visible if you wear an extremely tight, form-fitting dress. This is not an issue for the majority of men.

Yes, guys, this gadget blends in with regular clothing when worn underneath it.

Keeping a support brace hidden is not as essential for women as it is for males.

If you’re a lady interested in this product, it’s worth noting that the Bax-U may be worn with or without a bra, but the brace itself does not give any breast support.

Effectiveness and overall thoughts

I’ve been using the Bax-U for nearly two weeks now, and I’ve recently seen a significant boost in my posture and a greater awareness of my posture even when I’m not wearing the support. I continued to slouch during the first two days, but within a few days of using it, I began to correct my posture if I started to slump. The Bax-U was beginning to retrain and fine-tune my muscle memory for me to be able to utilize good posture without assistance. This is critical since no person wants to be stuck wearing a posture brace as part of their wardrobe. Eventually, you should develop muscle memory, and your core muscles should ultimately take over the job.

This device has shown to be comfy, simple to operate, concealable, and most significantly efficient. I completed regular activities without difficulty, and my posture has improved even when I’m not wearing the gadget.

A chiropractor with approximately 20 years of expertise designing it is positive. Dr. Ghassemi understands the significance of correct posture and has used her education and knowledge to create a product that is both comfortable and effective.

The Bax-U is a posture correction device that I would enthusiastically suggest to anybody seeking to improve their posture. It’s unquestionably one of the most effective posture braces available.


Here are some essential things to consider if you’re thinking about the Bax-U:


  • A seasoned chiropractor designed and sold it.
  • It can be easily hidden beneath clothing.
  • It fits wonderfully – there are three different sizes, and each one is customizable for a great fit.
  • This is a lightweight, comfortable model.
  • Non-restrictive – may be used in any location – at work, the gym, or at home.
  • Durable – constructed to last a long time
  • Unisex – Both men and women may wear this item.
  • Most major insurance carriers reimburse this.
  • It’s suitable for kids.
  • Made in the United States of America
  • It corrects your poor posture, as it was intended!


  • The price is a little higher than usual.
  • You must fully cover the Velcro when worn against bare skin to avoid irritation.

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