Quit Slouching-How To Fix Bad Posture



[Updated on 1 June 2020] is described with your hold your shoulders and upper back in a rounded position. It can often lead to pain in your back, neck, and shoulders. In addition to pain and tension in the shoulders,  chronic bad posture can also lead to headaches. Other symptoms include gastrointestinal reflux, fatigue and the inability to breathe deeply.



Look at your palms in the mirror.  Good posture will show them facing your thighs with the thumbs pointing ahead. “But if your palms face backward, you’re probably slouching.”  If you pull your head back and your shoulders down and back. If you are standing correctly, it will feel as if you’re sticking out your chest. This is what good posture should look like.


How To Fix Bad Posture
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  1. Frieda Virgie Reply

    I spent much of my time sitting slumped over a laptop, I had developed a terrible slouch. And I wasn’t proud of it. Not only did it make me look unconfident and lazy, little did I know, my poor posture was also wreaking havoc on my upper body flexibility.
    After I discovered my slouching, I typically do all of the above exercises on my rest days. A few of them, I’ll do before I start squatting. Ever since I started incorporating these exercises into my fitness routine, my flexibility and posture have improved significantly. I’m happy to report that I’m now able to get my wrists straight in the low bar squat, and have become healthier.

  2. Sean Isiah Reply

    I was wondering if there are any good core exercise sheets that help me with my posture.

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