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What Does Your Posture Say About You?

All humans possess the natural ability to read body language, and while you could go to school to learn how to comprehensively analyze every single human body movement and posture, our inborn intuition can cover the basic ones. According to research, about 55% of human communication is done through non-verbal communication such as posture. So, what does posture have to do with human interaction or communication?  Your body language can give away a lot about you than words. Sitting, standing, and speaking straight are more power positions compared to a stooped or slouched posture. Talking while in a straight posture says a lot to the person you are communicating with. Often, it means you are interested and value the ongoing conversation. Slouching and stooping, on the other hand, indicate a lack of interest in the other person. Poor posture is also indicative of a lack of self-esteem. What impact does…