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The Ruthless Truth About How Bad Your Sedentary Lifestyle Really Is – Part 2

As discussed in part 1 how bad your sedentary lifestyle really is we are going to learn more about the same in this article. It would be very confusing for the stone age man if they would reappear today. They would be perplexed by the modern human relationship and specifically our relationship with physical exertion. After about six million years of hunting and gathering, human beings are now sheltering in warm rooms, slouching in comfy seats and counteracting the tiresome effects of the earth gravitas effect while staring at glowing screens. Controversially, a proportion of the same humans will spend some of their free time jogging outside for no apparent reason or stranger still; they will pay some amount to an institution to pass their time carrying weights and heavy objects until they are sore, red and sweaty. How would we explain this particularly odd behavior to our stone age…