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Slouching, sitting or walking with a bad posture is more than a bad habit. It can be damaging to your quality of living.  When you have a poor back posture, your overall health suffers as a result. Good posture is essential for a healthy body and mind. It improves your confidence, concentration and enhances your spinal health. Improving your posture through regular exercise, therapy and consciously sitting or standing naturally is key. You could also include external aids, like a Posture Corrector. A posture corrector can help you sit up straight, correct your body’s alignment and strengthen the muscles of your upper back. So how long should you wear a posture corrector? What is Posture? Posture varies from one individual to the next. Your carriage is the position that your body is structured as you go about your everyday life. The way you sit, stand, walk or sleep are all…