Tresalto Adjustable Figure 8 Back Posture Corrector Review

[Updated on 1 June 2020] Are you finding it challenging to choose the best posture corrector? When it comes to choosing an ideal posture corrector or Clavicle Brace, it can be hard to know which model is the best.

Posture correctors are garments that are designed to reduce stress on your upper and lower back and the muscles or joints of the neck. They work by limiting forward movements when you’re seated and also restrict spinal movements.

Individuals with neck, shoulder, lower and back problems should consider posture braces. One brand that you should consider when buying these braces is the VOELUX (ADJUSTABLE, FIGURE 8) BACK POSTURE CORRECTOR, AND CLAVICLE BRACE. This review looks at why you should consider buying it, the pros and cons, and gives you the verdict.

Features of The Best Voelux Back Posture Corrector And Clavicle Brace

(Adjustable) Dual Strap Design

The VOELUX (ADJUSTABLE) BACK POSTURE CORRECTOR AND CLAVICLE BRACE is easily adjustable due to its excellent design. It enables you to reduce slouching while improving your posture. The outcome is that you enjoy fast results, ensuring you get value for your money.

Padded Neoprene Corrector

It can be worn under clothes or work uniform because of its a padded neoprene corrector. Other people won’t know you are using this device because it doesn’t protrude from underneath normal clothing.

Eliminates Neck and Back Discomfort

When sitting in front of our computers, we find ourselves sitting with rounded shoulders which end up causing back and neck pain. This posture corrector pulls your shoulders back while you’re wearing it which helps stop rounded shoulders and the strain they cause as well as ensure that you eliminate chances of slouching.

Wear It All Day

You can wear it all day if you want to retrain your posture. It is made of a breathable material which means that the skin’s sweat and moisture can pass through this material without getting trapped in between the folds.

Some models recommend that you wear posture braces for short periods which inconveniences you as you have to keep removing them. Along with being nearly invisible when wearing it under a t-shirt or shirt, the breathable fabric helps you to stay cool and comfortable for extended periods of wear.

Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturer gives you a warranty covering defects.

Ease of Use

Both men and women can use this garment easily and you don’t have to worry about it not fitting. Bear in mind that for some models, only men or women can wear them because of their designs.

Fully Adjustable

This posture brace is fully adjustable for chest circumferences of 28 to 48 inches. Depending on your chest size, this brace should be able to fit you.


  • The VOELUX (ADJUSTABLE) BACK POSTURE CORRECTOR AND CLAVICLE BRACE promotes proper posture and is comfortable to wear. you get the best value for your money.
  • It comes with adjustable straps, which fit well under your clothes. If you have issues with the unconscious shifting of shoulders forward or shoulder pain you should consider this posture corrector.
  • The manufacturer offers good customer service. If you have a problem with the product, the warranty covers replacement and returns.
  • It ensures that you have a better posture which helps you avoid slouching and the back and neck problems that causes.
  • You can wear it all day if you want. However, be aware that it can be quite hard to perform some tasks which require bending.
  • Unisesx design.


  • The straps can be a bit tight and can end up pinching your arm’s nerves and your back. However, by being careful, you can avoid these issues.
  • My posture corrector didn’t come with its instructions, which is something that can make you take some time to figure it out. However, if you have issues, you can contact their customer care desk.


The VOELUX (ADJUSTABLE) FIGURE 8 BACK POSTURE CORRECTOR AND CLAVICLE BRACE is good value for your money. Remember that you can wear it all day as compared to other models that specify you wear them for short periods. This review gives it a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, the difference being that it didn’t come with instructions.

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