Yosoo Adjustable Back Support Posture Correction Belt Review

[Updated on 1 June 2020] It is easy to neglect your posture nowadays, especially for those who work slumped in front of a computer for hours. Thankfully, today there are products like Yosoo Adjustable Back Support Posture Corrector in the market that will help people in correcting their posture.

For this purpose, Yosoo’s posture corrector does the job and lists a number of great features. What sets it apart from others, however, is its durability, as this posture corrector is made of neoprene, mesh cloth and elastic materials. Let’s take a look at more of its features in detail.

Features of Yosoo Adjustable Back Support Posture Correction Belt


  • Helps with posture correction by keeping shoulders back and spinal column straight
  • Avoids slouching through its thoracic back brace, and helps treat hunchback
  • The special design helps reduce neck and shoulder pain
  • Unisex design that is not restricting
  • Made of neoprene, elastic, and mesh, which adds durability
  • Two metal strips are sewn into the material
  • Fits any posture or body shape


The Yosoo Adtable Back Support Posture Corrector works wonders when it comes to correcting bad posture, especially for some people who are used to sitting in a hunchback position. Its posture corrector belt aids in pulling back shoulders to correct and prevent this bad habit, forcing people to sit or stand up straight.

The Yosoo Adjustable Back Support Posture Corrector will also help younger children maintain proper posture at an early age. The back support prevents the spine from becoming deformed, preventing poor posture in the future.

For adults, this posture corrector is also said to alleviate back and lumbar pain. This product is also said to prevent other problems connected to poor posture such as scoliosis, mild to moderate kyphosis, indigestion and more.

Another good thing about this posture corrector is that it not just promotes good posture, but prevents more serious medical conditions as well.

The Yosoo Adjustable Back Support Posture Corrector helps prevent neurological symptoms from brachial plexus injuries, which ranges from the less severe such as numbness and tingling sensation in the arm, to more serious ones such as muscle problems and severe pain.

What makes Yosoo Adjustable Back Support Posture Corrector stand out from the rest of the options available is its durability. The posture corrector is made of neoprene, elastic, and mesh cloth, instead of the cotton and foam material other posture correctors use.

While forcing good posture may sound like a painful thing to go through, and may put a strain on your neck and shoulders.


This is a common issue for those who tried out posture correctors. However, Yosoo’s posture corrector is more comfortable than other brands and is soft enough to wear under a shirt.

Two metal strips, instead of one, are also seen in the middle of the corrector, which offers more comfort compared to just one. This posture corrector is also comfortable enough to wear while walking, during work, or even while exercising.

As its name implies, this back support can easily be adjusted. This feature makes it comfortable for both men and women and is perfect for anybody shape. Another plus is that it does not dig into your skin compared to other posture correctors.

In fact, some have commented that they forget that they are wearing it after having used it for a couple of days. That’s how comfortable this back support posture corrector is.

The most important plus of Yosoo Adjustable Back Support Posture Corrector is that it actually works.

A number of people who used it are satisfied with how it fixed their poor posture; with some commenting that they did not even need to wear it anymore after only a few days. This posture corrector definitely does the job of correcting bad posture.


It is comfortable enough to wear under clothes. The Yosoo Back Support Corrector will definitely show under clothing like T-shirts and other tops.

It is not visible under sweaters, however.  You should also consider wearing something underneath this posture corrector, especially while exercising, as it may cause skin chafing.

It can also get quite uncomfortable when worn over an extended number of hours; so it is not recommended to wear it over a long period of time.


For a back supporter that is both effective and comfortable, the Yosoo Adjustable Back Support Posture Corrector does the job. Its fully adjustable design and durability make it stand out from other posture correctors. It might be priced higher than most competitors, but its features more than make up for the difference in price.

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