StandUpStr8 Posture Strengthener

What is the StandUpStr8?

The StandUpStr8 is a gadget recently launched on the market and is intended to aid individuals who have poor posture.

What is the StandUpStr8? This was the first question that entered my head when I was initially introduced. Is it a posture brace or support? It is not. Is it a product that reminds you to maintain proper posture? No. What exactly is it?

My first look was that it was a fake copy of PostureNow, which rose to prominence after being featured on the ABC Tv program SharkTank in September 2012. However, after learning a bit more about this product, I discovered that while it has similarities to the PostureNow, it is an entirely different device that works on a wholly different concept. The PostureNow is a posture retraining device that you wear for ten minutes every day to help you improve your posture.

On the other hand, The StandUpStr8 is an exercise tool that aids in the execution of a particular movement that targets the trapezius muscle, which is primarily responsible for posture. The manufacturer recommends performing their exercise program with this gadget for 2 minutes each day, three days per week. Did I wonder to myself if a total commitment of 6 minutes each week, performing an essential exercise, would help my posture? While I was intrigued by the concept, I was also hesitant to believe these claims. So I began my search by Googling the company that made the StandUpStr8, and it led me to learn more about the inventor and their qualifications.

Information about the Company

I have a natural inclination to inquire about the company’s background, just as I would with any new product that piques my attention. After all, anybody can create and market such a product and promise you the moon. I began by examining the company’s essential information.

StandUpStr8 is a firm based in Houston, Texas, that creates StandUpStr8. It was incorporated as a business entity with the Texas Comptroller in July of 2014. The firm is run by Kenneth Belveal of Houston, Texas, who has spent over 23 years as a personal fitness trainer. In July of 2014, the company was rated an A by the Better Business Bureau, with no active or closed complaints. The site was launched in May 2014 and included HTTPS throughout the checkout process, which is necessary to guarantee that the site is safe while making a purchase.

The appearance appears to be in order on the surface.

But what about the inventor, Ken Belveal? Who is he, and what are his qualifications?

Who is Ken Belveal?

The StandUpStr8 was created by entrepreneur Ken Belveal, who has been running a mobile fitness company in the Houston, Texas region for 20 Years. He has spent the previous two decades going to his client’s homes to help them achieve their fitness objectives, as stated on his website. As part of his services, he also conducts wellness seminars. While I was looking through testimonials on his website, several of his clients had praised his services.

His biography notes that he spent the first five years of his career in the financial sector before quitting to pursue his true love, which was to assist individuals in achieving their fitness objectives. He attended Baylor College of Medicine Institute for a personal trainer certificate, according to his LinkedIn profile.

As a 20-year fitness industry veteran with many happy clients, I’d state that Mr. Belveal has the skills to create and sell such a product. After all, our muscles are what allow us to stand or sit upright and are responsible for our posture. Who else but a seasoned, certified personal fitness trainer to design a product that targets the muscle group involved in good posture?

Product Design

This device is composed of two arm cuffs, two adjustable straps, and a rubberized center ring. Because it is adjustable, it comes in just one size.

Each arm cuff is constructed of a thick rectangle of dense polypropylene closed cell foam that is roughly 1/4 inch thick, providing a pleasant cushion between your body and the equipment. A robust piece of nylon fabric is sewn to the outer facing part of the arm cuff for strength and as an attachment spot for the adjustable straps. A branding tag is stitched into the nylon material on the right side of the gadget.

Each arm cuff is connected to the center ring using a piece of nylon belt material, similar to what is used in automobile seat belts. A part of this belt material is permanently attached to a metal slide buckle and stitched into one end of the arm cuff, while an extended belt length is used on the other side. The more extended belt section goes under one side of the metal loop and over the other, forming an adjustable loop. The buckle may be fed through one end of the strap and then taken up on the other side to lengthen or shorten it.


In the middle, a 1/4″ thick 4″ rubber o-ring serves as a junction point where the two armbands meet. This o-ring serves as both a connection point and a resistance element, which are essential in reinforcing the targeted trapezius region.

Overall, it appears to be well-made and high-quality. I tugged on it before using it to test for the sound of stitching coming apart. The stitching was strong and showed no indications of movement. I don’t think I could have destroyed the StandUpStr8 if I tried.

How does it work?

If you’re searching for a posture-supportive wearable device, I can tell you now that you will be disappointed. This is a posture-strengthening exercise device rather than support that automates the job of keeping your body upright for you. Strengthening this region will let you keep your posture without wearing a support every day. In other words, if you’re not motivated enough to do a few posture-enhancing routines on your own, don’t waste your money.

The manufacturer has a three-phase approach that starts modestly and gradually gets more complicated. The instructions say to place the StandUpStr8 beneath each arm, with the straps crossing just above your chests. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and down to adjust the belt length so that your upper arms are parallel with the side of your body. This is one repetition, or what we commonly refer to as a “rep.”

  1. Begin by performing 5, five-second sets once a day for the first week, every other day. Add 2-3 reps each week until you’ve completed 12 repetitions. The degree of increase should be slow, and it will take around four weeks to work up to 12 repetitions.
  2. Reduce down to 9 reps after doing 12, but lengthen the holding time from 5 seconds to 7. Add 1-2 reps each week until you reach 12. This process should take around 4 weeks.
  3. Reduce one more time to 9 reps, but increase the holding time from 7 seconds to 10 seconds. Increase your rep count by one each week until you reach 12 reps. The process will take about 4 weeks to complete. You’ll be performing 12, 10-second reps or 2 minutes of exercise every other day from here on out.

Basically, you start by performing only 25 seconds of genuine exercise and gradually increase your endurance until you reach 120 seconds. It takes around 12 weeks to complete.

The chart below should assist you in visualizing the repetition/time advancement.

StandUpStr8 Exercise Progression

Reps Seconds Total exercise time (seconds)
Week 1 5 5 25
Week 2 7-8 5 35-40
Week 3 9-11 5 45-55
Week 4 11-12 5 55-60
Week 5 9 7 63
Week 6 10-11 7 70-77
Week 7 11-12 7 77-84
Week 8 12 7 84
Week 9 9 10 90
Week 10 10 10 100
Week 11 11 10 110
Week 12 12 10 120

Cost & Guarantee

It can be purchased from the manufacturers’ website for $49.97 plus $5.10 shipping, bringing the total to around $55.00 delivered to your home. In comparison to other posture exerciser devices on the market, the price is reasonable.


The manufacturer provides a 90-day full money-back guarantee, but it does not cover return shipping expenses. They do not reimburse the initial shipping costs, either. In other words, if you’re unhappy with your purchase, you have 90 days to return it and get a refund. If you don’t like it, the seller recommends that you try it for 90 days before returning.

StandUpStr8 Posture Strengthener

My Personal Review

While I was unable to test the StandUpStr8 for the entire 12 weeks, I managed to use it for 4 weeks before moving on to my next product evaluation.

The package was long and narrow, and it came with instructions for use. It was sent via USPS 2-day priority mail two days later.

I took it out of the box, read through the instructions, made some changes, and started using it the next day after receiving it.

The first time I used it, I found that it was almost too simple, so I wanted to see faster results, so I started with 9 reps instead of 5. I started seeing results after the first few days if I slightly increased the reps and time spent on each rep. After using it, I noticed less shoulder tightness and could feel my trapezius muscle being worked. For the first week, I performed this routine every other day after work and then increased it to 11 reps 7 seconds for the second week. I gradually improved until I could do ten, nine-second reps by the end of the fourth week.

However, I do not devote much time working my traps at the gym, so this product assisted me in focusing on this region and strengthening this muscle group. I could immediately feel a difference in shoulder and neck tension when using the StandUpStr8, as well as indications of postural improvement after about three weeks of usage.

While I’m not a gym junkie, I’ve used several distinct types of resistance band training equipment. This product is built to last and will stand the test of time, provided that it is appropriately maintained.



The StandUpStr8 isn’t a posture brace but a high-quality resistance trainer that targets the trapezius muscle, primarily responsible for posture.

It was created by a seasoned personal trainer with over 20 years of expertise who made a career to assist others in achieving their fitness objectives.

Regularly strengthening the postural muscles by doing exercises can reduce neck and back discomfort and improve posture. This product assists in focusing on this zone by targeting it. The workout is simple and requires little effort.

The results, unfortunately, are difficult to achieve since this technique requires some degree of commitment. It’s not as simple as wearing a harness and getting on with your day. If you’re prepared to put in a few minutes each day to practice these exercises while keeping to the progressive workout plan, you’ll notice results after a few weeks of usage.

If you have a basement full of As Seen On TV ThighMasters, Shake Weights, and ab rollers that have just been used once, you might want to look somewhere else for a solution.

Pros vs. Cons


  • Designed by a professional in the field of fitness.
  • Fabric is long-lasting and sturdy
  • $50 is a reasonable price for this item.
  • It comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Portable and simple to use
  • Strengthens the muscles that control posture.


  • It takes determination to achieve a goal.

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I compared the most popular posture braces to create this Posture brace comparison table, based on comfort, efficacy, and innovation criteria.

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