Intelliskin Foundation 2.0/Eve Shirt

Intelliskin posture corrector shirt is an excellent posture shirt that can assist you in improving your posture without wearing any posture brace.

How does the Intelliskin shirt work?

When I first heard about the Intelliskin foundation shirt/Eve shirt, the first thing that came to mind was, “How does this stuff work?”. It appears to be similar in working to an Under Armour compression-fitted shirt at first sight.

It’s difficult to imagine how wearing a tight-fitting shirt could assist with bad posture. I’ve tried every posture-improving product available in the past because most of them utilize a typical brace that physically pushes the shoulders back, restricting movement throughout the body.

The Intelliskin foundation shirt, on the other hand, is non-restrictive and has no straps, snaps, or buckles. It’s also trendy, and it doesn’t need to be concealed beneath your clothes. I was intrigued by the concept, but I needed to learn more about it before spending a c-note which appears to be an expensive shirt.

Kinesio Taping, Meet Compression Shirt

I started my research into this product by going to the manufacturers’ website. Let’s take a look at the technology powering their Foundation shirts.

In the 1970s, a Japanese doctor named Dr. Kenzo Kase invented the concept of Kinesio taping, which was later popularized. As the name suggests, Kinesio Taping entails putting tape on parts of the body such as the torso, arms, and legs.

Over the last four decades, athletes have utilized this technique to enhance posture, relieve pain, increase performance, and support muscles.

Kinesio taping is often mistaken with athletic tape, which appears similar in some ways. So, what’s the distinction?

Athletic taping is a form of tape that restricts the movement of muscles, and it is seldom used for a long period. This taping technique has no restorative benefits.

On the other hand, Kinesio tape employs flexible taping in limited areas while allowing for a full range of motion. The tape is typically left on for many days and aids in the treatment of pain and the recovery procedure.

In a nutshell, Intelliskin foundation shirt combines two existing items: the compression fitted t-shirt and Kinesio taping. The end result is a Kinesio-like tape-like garment. The Company refers to this technology as “Posture Cue.”

A fitted compression shirt has strips of posture cues material sewn into the shoulders and back, giving it the appearance of Kinesio tape. The shirt’s tight-fitting style ensures that the strategically placed pieces of cloth stay in position on your back and shoulders.

These bands do not physically keep your shoulders in line as a brace, but they assist in training muscle memory by straightening the shoulders and spine.

The Posture Cue system communicates with thousands of nerve receptors in your back to send signals to your brain indicating that specific muscle groups should be tightened or relaxed.

It also has a coaching function, reminding you to use good posture by doing so.

After learning a little about how this product works, I was still somewhat unconvinced and began to wonder who the individual behind the Foundation shirt was.

My investigation led me to Dr. Tim Brown, a California physician who appears to have considerable expertise on the subject and has used Kinesio taping for several years.

Meet the creator, Dr. Tim Brown

Dr. Tim Brown, the creator of the Intelliskin foundation shirt, has more than 30 years of expertise in Kinesio taping. In 1984, after earning his Doctor of Chiropractor degree from the Cleveland Chiropractor College, he created an innovative Kinesio taping technique known as “Specific Proprioceptive Response Taping” (S.P.R.T.) while assisting professional surfing and beach volleyball athletes.

Since then, he has educated thousands of Sports Medicine Specialists, Chiropractors, Physiatrists, Athletic Trainers, and Orthopedics about his technique.

He spent nine years working for the US Open Surfing Championship as their director of sports medicine during his early career and also helped to manage the Association of Volleyball Professionals at the same time.

He had already spent time with surfing and volleyball athletes from all around the United States when he began working with them.

Kinesio taping (specifically S.P.R.T) has become increasingly popular as the demand for Kinesio taping (S.P.R.T specifically) increased. Several athletes claimed that Dr. Brown used his tape technique in a garment.

He start experimenting with old wet suites in an attempt to build support for athletes with shoulder problems in 1988. However, he had waited years before returning to the idea.

In 2000, Dr. Brown created a prototype of shoulder and spine garments to help athletes who had suffered injuries and prevent future damage.

With the assistance of several components, he developed his idea until 2004, when he improved his previous support system and dubbed it the s3 (an acronym for Scapula and Spine Support).

The s3 was a prescription-only gadget that physicians gave. Since the release of the product, Dr. Brown has sold over 50,000 units worldwide.

The process of developing such goods was continued until the Intelliskin foundation shirt was produced. It’s debatable when the Intelliskin foundation shirt first appeared, but a California Secretary of State filing suggests Intelliskin was established in October 2008.

Today, Dr. Brown and his staff offer a complete range of support clothing, from t-shirts and shorts to bras.

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Product Cost, Shipping, and Return Policy

Cost & Shipping

The Foundation shirt is available for $95 plus a $5 shipping charge for US customers, resulting in a total expenditure of $100. Residents of California may anticipate paying an additional 8% sales tax, or $7.60 per shirt since Intelliskin is based in California.

When I was messing around with their shopping cart, I discovered that there are no shipping expenses when you buy two or more of these tops. This is a benefit that the firm does not appear to be highlighting.

Only one shipping option is available, which is USPS First Class mail. My order was picked, packed, and sent the same day I placed it. Amazingly, it had come to my doorstep on the east coast in only three days.

The time it takes for an order to arrive is determined by various elements, including the time and day of the week that the purchase was made, the postal service’s speed, and your location in comparison to their warehouse.

Since their website claims a wait time of “5 to 7 business days from the time your order is processed,” I anticipate a 3-7 business day waiting period from the moment you submit your purchase until it arrives.

Return & Exchange Policy

The 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy of Intelliskin makes the decision process straightforward. Your order is immediately sent in a returnable poly mailer with a pre-prepared return label.

When you get your purchase, carefully open the box while following the instructions on the mailing. When opening the envelope, be cautious because you may need to reuse it if you decide to return your shirt.

You simply repackage the shirt, apply the provided return label to the top of the original one, remove the plastic strip from the box to expose the sticky adhesive, seal it up, and send it back to Company. According to the website, your shirt will be examined, and a refund will be given within 72 hours of receipt.

The return period is set to 30 days, and the garment must be in an “unworn” condition and its original packaging.

The original $100 will be credited back with a $5 shipping charge deducted. The seller covers the cost of return shipping, which they wrap and label for you. There’s no need to contact the firm, obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), print out the label, and find a box to attach it to during the return procedure. Simply put the shirt in, seal it up, and place the label on. That’s all there is to it.

Size and Color Options

The Intelliskin foundation shirt is available in 7 sizes, with two color combinations: white and silver and black and silver.

You must pick the correct size when ordering this product if you’re looking for results. Many people are confused about this, so I’ll try to explain it as clearly as possible.

This shirt comes in both a man’s and a woman’s version. The men’s shirt is known as the “Foundation” while the lady’s shirt is known as the “Eve.” The men’s and women’s styles are nearly identical in appearance, except for the product logo position, sleeve length, and shirt cut.

The logo for the lady’s shirt is in the bottom right of the garment, whereas the guy’s logo is in the top left. There is a substantial variation in size dimensions as well.

The shirt is available in seven sizes for men: x-small, small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large, and xxx-large. The Eve shirt for women is also available in seven different sizes. The sizes below are from the manufacturers’ websites, and they may assist you in determining the best size.

Intelliskin Foundation (Men’s) shirt sizing

Size Chest Weight
X-Small 32″-34″ 100-120lbs
Small 34″-37″ 120-140lbs
Medium 37″-41″ 140-160lbs
Large 41″-44″ 160-190lbs
X-Large 44″-47″ 190-220lbs
XX-Large 47″-50″ 220-270lbs
XXX-Large 50″-55″ 270-320lbs

How to Measure the Men’s Size?

The Intelliskin foundation shirt for guys is simple to measure. Simply take the chest measurement using a fiberglass or vinyl measuring tape.

With the help of another individual, pass the tape measure down the back and under the armpits to get a reading at the highest point of the chest. Make sure the tape measure runs uniformly horizontally across the back and isn’t bent or twisted.

To obtain the most accurate measurement, measure while your shirt is off.

After you’ve measured your chest, use the chart above to match it with your weight and pick the appropriate size. In some situations, the numbers on the chart don’t match your chest size and weight. Choose which measurement is most essential, chest size or weight, and select the shirt that best fits your body type in this situation. Keep in mind that these shirts are most effective when tightly fitted.

Intelliskin Eve (Women’s) shirt sizing

How to Measure the Women’s Size?

The Womens Eve shirt is a little more challenging to measure. When purchasing, four measurements must be considered – over bust, under bust, waist, and hips. The proper technique to measure each is provided below.

  • Over bust: When wearing a bra, measure around the fullest part of your bust.
  • Under bust: While wearing a bra, measure around the fullest part of your bust.
  • Waist: Check the measurements between the bottom rib and the hip bone of your subject.
  • Hips: Measure around your hips’ widest point.

Take the following measurements while the tape measure runs parallel to the floor and does not bow or sag:

Choose a suitable size for your body type by comparing your measurements to those listed in the table above. If your body shape doesn’t correspond to the chart’s measurements, you may need to compromise. For example, you may have a size that fits your over-bust, under-bust, and hips properly, but your hip measurement is larger than the requirements.

The top section should fit comfortably if you go with this size, but the hips might be a little tight. Remember that because these shirts are compression fitted, they will stretch a lot.

Materials Used and Care Instructions

The manufacturers’ website claims the shirt is composed of a “unique blend of fibers,” however, I could not discover any information on the materials utilized. I had to consult the materials tag on the actual shirt to get this knowledge. This tag recommended the following:

Body: 56% Nylon, 44% Lycra

Contrast 1: 91% Poly, 9% spandex

The tag also implies that the shirt is constructed in the United States using imported materials.

Intelliskin foundation shirt material is sensitive, so it comes with particular washing instructions. They propose washing it in cold water on the gentle cycle and hanging it to dry. Don’t dry clean it. It’s also worth noting that the fabric should not be ironed since it will most certainly deteriorate.

Endorsements and Testimonials

The Intelliskin website has a long list of celebrities and professional sports figures that wear their Foundation apparel. A page is dedicated to 21 well-known people who have used the product and praised it.

Among the named individuals is Washington Nationals’ first baseman Greg Dobbs, actor Robert Patrick, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Duff Mckagan, former Washington Redskins quarterback Colt Brennan, world champion Juan Palma and several other figures.

A few medical specialists have given their approval as well. The product is listed by a list of medical professionals, including sports doctors and chiropractors, who all appear to believe that it has several advantages, including posture reconditioning and the treatment of harm and sickness. Even the physical therapist claims to wear an Intelliskin foundation shirt.

The firm offers testimonials from ordinary individuals in addition to a lengthy list of public figures and medical experts. A schoolteacher, a police officer, a hairstylist, a nurse practitioner, a student, and an executive in the business sector are mentioned.

The majority of the reviews suggest that this product alleviates neck, back, and shoulder pain by straightening out the shoulders. Some people claim that they wear this shirt every day and have recovered from various ailments.

Amazon Reviews

While the testimonials on a company’s website are an excellent tool for making a decision, it is also critical to research sites other than the sales page.

I went a step further in my research to learn what others are saying about the Intelliskin shirt so that I might have a better idea of what they’re talking about. After that, I checked out the companies’ Amazon sales page, which is one of the most excellent places to get real consumer feedback.

In terms of sales figures, their Amazon shop currently includes 40 different items in various sizes and hues. Their product line includes names like the Foundation, PostureCue, Essential, Eve, Empower Aura, Reveal, and ReActivator.

According to the reviews, their most well-known product is the Foundation shirt, which has a four-star rating and nearly 90 evaluations dating back to August of 2012.

Overall, most purchasers gave this shirt a 4 or 5-star rating, with a few 3 stars or less. I read every review and noticed that most purchasers who gave the Foundation shirt a lower rating had difficulty selecting the proper size or could not tolerate the tightness of a compression-fitted garment.

One of the most striking aspects was that there were just a few instances in which customers stated that the product didn’t operate for them.

Anyone who frequently shops on Amazon knows that it’s highly unusual to find a product with over a dozen reviews and a perfect 5-star rating. However, some clients are difficult to satisfy and will find even the tiniest fault (sometimes imagined) in a product.

According to the Foundation shirt’s many satisfied purchasers, it seems to have an overpowering amount of good comments. Here’s a sample of both positive and negative feedback left by verified Amazon consumers:

“Arrived in 1 day with Prime. Fits rather snug, but would not want it any less so. Easy to get on and off. Wore it about 4 hours the first day and did not experience any discomfort at all. It did keep me conscious that I was wearing it and it helped me to remember to keep my shoulders back and to stand up straighter. I was surprised to find that it actually kept me cooler than a regular t-shirt. I hope this stays cool since the summers in Phoenix can reach more than 115.” –azray55

“Really good product in this market. You can feel the support instantly.” –Sean

“Great product. Provides sturdy support to my son’s neck and shoulders after 3 year injury that has caused him so much pain over the years. To hear him say that something finally helps is marvelous!” –M. Eileen Fawcett

“I had cervical spine fusion – C5-6 7 months ago. LOTS of neck and shoulder muscle pain. Much of it they tell me due to bad posture. PT told me to try this shirt even though sounds insane. Results, it WORKS! It’s the only thing that has provided me any relief in months. Highly recommended.” –Lucifer

“I normally wear a Large or an XL depending on brand. Researching this item I found that it seems to run small so I ordered a XXL. When it came I found that I could not even get it up onto my shoulders, much less zip it. If you have any size to your shoulders you should order at least 3 sizes larger than normal. It’s possible that this was mis-marked but my experience with “Euro” sizing suggests otherwise.” –Philsie

“I don’t really feel as if the material used to stimulate the proper muscles has any affect. The shirt may remind the wearer to occasionally to hold your shoulders back, but there are other more effective ways to accomplish that.” –T Wire

I was hesitant after reading each review, but I decided to pay the apparently high asking price and try it for myself because I couldn’t get enough of how well-made it felt.

My Personal Review

Intelliskin posture corrector shirt

Take a close look at the individual in the image above. Let’s just say that a less-than-perfect physique was a spare tire, flabby pecs, and let’s just leave it at that. It’s me, and according to the Center for Disease Control(CDC), I make up almost 70% of all American males who are currently reading this review. You’re probably toting around a similar conglomerate of Twinkies, doughnuts, and double cheeseburgers in your midsection.

What am I trying to say? As an overweight (average) guy who spends many hours seated at a computer desk with his neck inclined towards the screen, I feel that the two of us may have a lot in common.

You hear testimonials from athletes who wear the Foundation shirt, and they all seem to think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, but what about the average American employee? What are the advantages of using this item in our posture?

I thought it would be a great idea to give a straightforward answer, so I purchased the Foundation and tried it out.

The Arrival and Initial Fitting

As previously said, the delivery took just three days from California to the east coast. Inside of a large ziplock bag, the Foundation shirt was delivered neatly packed. I went with an XL since I’m 6’1″ and 200 pounds.

I had to double-check the dimension as soon as I unboxed it. “This can’t be an X-Large,” I reasoned. That’s what the tag said, so I’m going with it.

My initial impression was that it appeared to be well-engineered, with a tapered midsection and armpit region. The pattern on this shirt was evidently made to follow the curve of your body, much like a glove. The sleeves were much longer than I expected, which relieved my concerns about them bunching up under my armpits.

The shirt’s large size, as well as its long length, was noteworthy. I have a lot of difficulties with most shirts rising up when I bend over because of my structure. The Foundation shirt proved that this wasn’t going to be a problem.

After that few seconds, I had to stretch my “intelligent second skin,” as the firm calls it, over my body. Surprisingly, it felt fantastic once I had it on. The shirt felt cool, smooth to the touch, and didn’t restrict me in any way. Wearing the Foundation shirt made me feel taller than I did a few seconds ago.

As the manufacturer advised, I wore the shirt for about an hour each day for the next two days to become acclimated with it before wearing it to work for a whole day.

For the next 4 weeks, I spent well over 200 hours testing this product. The next week was rapidly approaching, and I was eager to see how it would turn out.

The Office Test

When worn alone at the gym, the Foundation shirt is rather snappy, but it’s probably not the most excellent style of clothing in an office setting. For this reason, I decided to put it on under my dress shirt rather than my usual undershirt.

As I prepared for work, I had difficulty putting on my shirt again in the early morning hours. However, once in place, it felt pretty relaxing and gave a modest amount of giving in the shoulder area because I could feel it working its wonders even while wearing a loose-fitting dress shirt over the top.

After a while, I was sent off to work and began my 8-hour working day at the computer. I wasn’t sure if my expectations for the shirt kept me upright with my shoulders back or if the Intelliskin garment indeed functioned. Regardless, I appeared to be more conscious of my posture than ever before.

The workday was drawing to a close, and several hours had passed. At first, I was shocked to realize that I had spent the day sitting upright with my shoulders and neck straightened rather than slouched over my workstation as usual.

I got home after work, undressed, and put the Foundation shirt in the washing machine to dry overnight. Surprisingly, the lightweight material was almost completely dry after being removed from the washing machine.

I repeated the process of putting on the shirt and going to work for three days. I kept experiencing the same symptoms, and each day, my back and shoulders grew less tired and stressed. After only five days, I was confident that this shirt was really assisting my posture.

However, the daily washing and wearing of the same shirt appeared to be a waste of time. After my first Foundation t-shirt worked magic on my neck and shoulders, I decided to buy another one to alternate them to minimize wear and washing.

Concluding Thoughts and Recommendation

For a total of 4 weeks, I put the Foundation shirt to the test, and it exceeded all expectations. This was worn for four weeks straight and on weekends when I exercised or worked around the home.

I’ve tried many different types of posture support trainers, and this shirt is one of the most comfortable, least restricting, and best performing I’ve come across.

This item is ideal for athletes and everyday office workers who are simply seeking a solution to reduce shoulder and neck discomfort while improving posture without the extra straps.

Unfortunately, the cost is somewhat prohibitive; however, it’s well worth it, in my opinion.

The Intelliskin Foundation T-shirt is a product that I would highly recommend to everyone seeking a practical solution to an everyday problem.

Pros vs. Cons


  • A doctor who had utilized Kinesio tape before invented it.
  • There are no straps, snaps, or buckles to worry about.
  • This is soft, comfy, and light.
  • A good fit is assured by the method of sewing.
  • It’s fashionable. It can be worn alone without fear of embarrassment.
  • Several celebrities and medical experts have given their support.
  • Amazon has given it high ratings.
  • Washable in the machine
  • The seller’s satisfaction guarantee is as follows: return shipping paid, and a full refund if you are not completely delighted.
  • Does an excellent job fixing posture problems while reducing shoulder, neck, and back pain.


  • It was a little expensive at $100.
  • It’s a little tight, so it may be challenging to get used to first.

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