Alignmed Posture Corrector Shirt Review

Alignmed Posture Shirt 2.0 is a piece of versatile equipment and it can be worn as an undershirt or as alone which helps in improving your posture.

The company behind the Posture Shirt 2.0

Bill Schultz, the president and founder of Alignmed Posture Shirt 2.0’s creator, is the brains behind Alignmed, located in Santa Ana, California. According to a California Secretary of State record, Alignmed was founded in April 2001. The company produces and sells “Evidence-Based Apparel,” unlike traditional posture braces that rely on your muscles to provide support. Their posture shirts are a garment intended to stimulate muscular movement in order to restore body alignment. T-shirts are the style of posture apparel offered by Alignmed, not brace-type devices as is most often sold.

The evidence-based component implies that their posture shirts have been subjected to several clinical studies and trials over the last ten years, providing legitimate evidence of their effectiveness. Several universities, including Duke/UNC and the University of Southern California and research institutes like Stedman Philippon and the Lexington Clinic in Kentucky, have published nearly a dozen studies.


Exactly who is Bill Schultz?

Mark Schultz is a resident of Orange County, California, who previously worked in the surgical equipment sector for over two decades selling equipment and teaching surgeons. When trying to fix a problem of his own, Schultz came up with the idea for “Evidence-Based Apparel,” similar to numerous other business concepts.

He was in his mid-30s when he began to have lower back discomfort that progressively worsened. His physicians advised spine surgery to repair a disc in his back when he was 45 years old. He was hesitant about undergoing back surgery, so he investigated other treatment alternatives. A chiropractor recommended by an orthopedist friend of his was able to assist him in finding a solution. He went to a chiropractor in Newport Beach, where he was given an instrument created by the doctor.

The original device was designed for recovering patients after shoulder surgery. It was made to help realign the body and restore posture. Schultz was unsure if the doctor’s gadget would be helpful, but he was convinced of its potential after just a few minutes. His agony vanished in a few seconds. He was a believer. It wasn’t long before Schultz decided to buy the patent from the Newport Beach chiropractor and take advantage of a potential market niche.

The only issue was that the gadget had not yet been through a clinical study. He spent a significant amount of money investing in research and development to validate the original posture shirt’s effectiveness. Today, Alignmed provides a complete line of evidence-based apparel.

Alignmed vs. Intelliskin: Are they the same company?

I discovered another firm called Intelliskin with headquarters in Newport Beach, California while looking for comparable posture shirts. However, the two firms are the only significant players in the United States selling posture shirts and are located within five miles of each other. I discovered that Alignmed and Intelliskin are not connected, even though there was a connection between the company’s founders at one time.


Alignmed also has a lengthy list of nearly two dozen orthopedists, medical directors, physical therapists, and various other medical professionals on its advisory board. Many organizations, including the Los Angeles Police Department, Navy Seals, Chicago Blackhawks, and New York Giants, have utilized their products. Some well-known individuals, such as Elton John, Peyton Manning, Tony Stewart, Dwight Howard, Davey Johnstone, Luc Robitaille, Roger Fredericks, and Rocco Dispirito, have also endorsed.

The US Food and Drug Administration has designated all Alignmed’s equipment as Class I medical devices.

The Anatomy of the Alignmed Posture Shirt

The posture shirt, which resembles an Under Armour compression garment in appearance but is far more expensive, appears to be a form-fitting Under Armour compression top. What makes this shirt unique, exactly? The apparent differences between the two may be subtle.

However, after further study, it becomes evident that the design and operation of the two are entirely different. Under Armour compression shirts are form-fitting and made from a Polyester/Elastane (Spandex) blend. Under Armor’s compression shirts do have a use, but they don’t help you correct or maintain your posture.

The Posture Shirt is manufactured of the same material (77% Polyester, 23% Spandex) as the Posture T-Shirt but includes a patented posture correcting system into the garments, resulting in 4″ more length than a standard compression shirt. According to the manufacturer, there are three movements built into their clothing that assist you in maintaining a good posture:

  • Neuroband Technology: Biofeedback and Biomechanical are used to control muscular activity by varying tension bands. These bands are made of tightly woven polyester fibers (100 percent) that stretch in two directions as you move. Bands are used to keep the skin taut and prevent injury by mimicking athletic taping, a preventive technique employed by athletes to stabilize muscles and avoid harm.
  • Touch Tension Technology: The Neurobands’ two-way pull is referred to as “dual directional.”
  • Muscle-Map Design: Neurobands are strategically inserted into the back of the shirt to target specific areas that provide support and stability.


Here’s how it works

The Posture Shirt was designed by alignmed, which placed its “Neruobands” in strategic locations on the back of their compression fitted shirts. When worn as an undershirt or alone as a shirt, these tension bands stimulate muscular activity, which is critical for correcting bad posture.

Unlike most traditional clavicle supports, which frequently supplant the work of your muscles, Alignmed Posture Shirt gives you a gentle reminder of what good posture feels like and allows your muscles to function naturally. On the other hand, your muscles lengthen to put your back, shoulders, and neck in the proper alignment. These Neurobands, according to a more technical explanation, stimulate neurons receptors that are present in muscles.

After being activated, these receptors send messages to the spinal cord, which then contact the muscles for additional assistance. On the other hand, the posture shirt serves as a reminder to straighten up rather than a forced adjustment, retraining your core muscles to work correctly so that you will eventually have excellent posture even while not wearing the posture shirt.

Another disadvantage of posture braces, in particular, is the fear that wearing one for an extended period might harm your core muscles and cause them to weaken. The posture shirt is supposed to prevent this by providing muscular stimulation rather than pushing against your forces. The manufacturer claims that the product does not limit motion but instead allows your body to move more efficiently while lowering the risk of injury.

Who can wear it?

What kind of person wears one of these shirts? They are meant for anybody, from office employees to professional athletes to surgeons and physical therapists. They can be used by truck drivers, cyclists, athletic trainers, stay-at-home parents/dads, and so on. In other words, anyone who is suffering from pain due to poor posture. This implies it may be used for work, play, fitness, or simply going about your day.

Price, sizes, and options

The Men’s Posture Shirt 2.0 is available in three color options: black, white, and white & gray in sizes small through xx-large. The Women’s Posture shirt 2.0 is available only in black or white and gray in sizes x-small, small, medium, large, and x-large. Along with the chest (bust), waist, and hips being measured, a sizing chart is included from the manufacturer to assist you in obtaining the appropriate fit.

The price of the 2.0 shirt is $95. You may choose from several delivery options during checkout, including USPS priority shipping.

For a one-shirt purchase, rates are typically the cheapest at around $4.68 (continental US). There is also the option of FedEx express delivery, which is often more pricey. When you choose the least expensive shipping option, a posture shirt will cost you around $90.18 when you use coupon code PBGTEN at checkout and receive 10% off your order.

My experience using the Alignmed Posture Shirt

After spending several hours each day in front of a computer, I figured that I’d be the ideal test subject for the Alignmed Posture Shirt 2.0 as a 30-year-old guy who spends several hours each day sitting in front of a computer. My attention naturally drifts toward the screen at work to get a better look at whatever I’m working on.

Over the years, I’ve tended to have my head forward (chicken neck appearance), which has resulted in the neck, shoulder, and back discomfort regularly. My posture, needless to say, could use some improvement. I’ll start by assessing the garment’s style, comfort, and performance. I’ll also go through my general impressions and suggest a product based on that experience.


I’ve tried many types of traditional posture braces, and while I’ve discovered a few that seem to work well, I’m generally hesitant to tell others that I’m wearing one. Why? While I’m not particularly embarrassed about my subpar posture (all right, terrible), I’m not anxious to draw attention to myself by wearing an unattractive back brace. Fortunately, many of today’s supports may be concealed under your clothes.

When you’re wearing anything but loose-fitting apparel, the support brace lines might be visible. Believe me, the last thing you want to deal with is being called out by one of the guys, only to have to clarify that it’s not a training bra you’re wearing beneath that pink shirt. Guys, Alignmed Posture Shirt has a lot of styles. Their Alignmed Posture Shirt are elegant and swanky, more like an Under Armor compression t-shirt than a medical device. You may simply wear it by itself or conceal it beneath your clothing if you like.

Ladies, you should be able to conceal a posture brace without too much difficulty, but it’s something to think about. I immediately showed my new shirt to everyone as I went for a run around the neighborhood after receiving it. Something about how this shirt looks makes you feel like you have superhuman abilities. Careful, Kal-El of Krypton, don’t try to leap between tall buildings just yet.


As a guy who has always liked wearing comfortable, somewhat baggy clothing, the constriction of this shirt was new to me. I could feel the fabric stretch over my chest as I put the shirt on. Despite being a tight-fitting shirt, it was highly breathable due to the fabric and mesh vents vertically integrated along the back of the garment. The spandex fabric kept me cool even while wearing the shirt in 90+ degree heat with close to 100% humidity. I discovered later that the material dries fast once removed from humid conditions.

On the second day, I wore my posture shirt throughout my workday. I had a new feeling about this product’s overall comfort level by the end of the day. The shirt soon became more comfortable to wear since the narrow fit had become less noticeable. Within a few days of usage, it had actually become rather pleasant to put on. My body had gotten used to the tighter-fitting clothing, and I had even acquired a fondness for it. I would wear the shirt on its own most of the time, but I would also use it as an undershirt on occasion. Both styles were quite comfy to wear after the first adjustment period.


Perhaps the most significant aspect to consider is product performance. After all, posture support may be attractive, comfortable, and even fashionable, but if it doesn’t work, it’s not a posture shirt—it’s just another (expensive) shirt. The Alignmed shirt excelled in this sector. I immediately felt the gentle force of the Neurobands as soon as I put on the shirt.

It is similar to the manufacturer’s suggestion in that it is more of a gentle reminder than an uncomfortable pull, as is familiar with many other posture braces. The shirt fits comfortably, yet it did not appear to limit my movement. The manufacturer used a horizontal foam-like material across the inside back of the shirt, which was really beneficial in keeping the clothing in place and preventing it from riding up my back.

The posture shirt was especially beneficial while I was sitting at my workstation. During a typical day, I strive to stand up, stroll about, and stretch several times; otherwise, I will suffer from neck or back discomfort that lasts throughout the day.

I got up at 7 a.m. and was on the job for 5 hours before I realized it was lunchtime and that I hadn’t stood up once throughout my shift. I felt no discomfort during this time. I was astonished by what I’d just witnessed. By now, I would have stretched three to four times, and I might still be uncomfortable. The shirt was worn throughout the day as a reminder not to lean forward and get a closer look at the computer screen, nor to slouch. I took it to the gym that day for a little bit of cardio and weight training.

I wasn’t expecting this shirt to help me lift more weight or run for a more extended period, even while I had a great experience at the office. The shirt readily absorbed sweat at the gym and was pleasant to wear. Yes, it did serve as a continual reminder to maintain good posture throughout my workout. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice any improvements in performance since I was unable to lift more weight or do more reps than before. However, I noticed a higher awareness of my posture while performing different activities, as well as a lack of neck and back pain during and after my workout.


Over thoughts and recommendation

Finding a solution that has been well studied and carefully designed is unusual in a market full of fast-fix posture devices with no medical backing. This firm went above and above by investing in R&D, and it has paid off handsomely. On every level, this product has nailed it. When it came to how this shirt performed, I was hesitant at first. Is it true that Tension bands are sewn into a compression shirt, activating nerve receptors?

In the eyes of most people, such claims would arouse concern. I was a believer after the first day. It is as effective as the maker claims. I put the shirt on for three days at work, so I took a break and washed it. Washing in cold water and air drying are both recommended by the manufacturer. It started to have an odor after a few days of sweat, combined with the typical stench of spandex.

As I removed my shirt, I saw that my body was unconsciously readjusting if I began to lean forward. It looked like it was doing an excellent job retraining my core muscles. The Posture Shirt has held up well and is already making a significant impact on my posture after only a week. Without the physical limitations that many traditional posture braces have, I really like the advantages of a posture shirt without wearing a brace.

I’m sitting up straighter and have had no shoulder, back, or neck pain while using this stuff. Overall, Alignmed provides a beautiful product that may be used by anybody seeking to improve their posture. I highly recommend this product. Unfortunately, I will have to store this posture shirt back as I explore and evaluate other alternatives. I’m confident that the posture shirt will be added to my regular wardrobe.

Pros and cons to consider

Pros :

  • Clinically tested – It’s been tested and proven. Scientific facts are undeniable.
  • Physician recommended – 1,400 doctors have used or recommended this item, according to the manufacturer.
  • Stylish – It doesn’t look like a training bra and is appealing to the eye.
  • Functional – Not by giving 100% aid, but rather by stimulating and retraining your core muscles.
  • Comfortable – Once you get used to wearing it, it starts to feel natural.
  • Non-restrictive – It does not limit movement, yet it reminds you to maintain correct posture.
  • Breathable – The material does not retain moisture, like cotton.
  • Relieves pain – Better posture reduces discomfort. The results will be evident immediately.
  • Wearable – It may be worn alone or beneath clothing.
  • Versatile – It can be used in the workplace, at the gym, playing sports, and while driving – it’s a versatile piece of equipment.
  • It works!

Cons :

  • Adjustment period: It will take a few days to get used to wearing tight apparel if you are not used to it.
  • Smell: Spandex has a distinct odor, especially if you haven’t washed it for three days.
  • Expense: This may be too expensive for those on a limited budget, although it is an excellent investment at $90.


Do You Still Need Help Selecting a Posture Brace?

There are well over 100 different items available on the market right now, including posture supports and resistance trainers, biofeedback clothing, and other equipment. With so many to select from, selecting one that fulfills your needs may be challenging.

I compared the most popular posture braces to create this Posture brace comparison table, based on comfort, efficacy, and innovation criteria.

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