ComfyMed® Posture Corrector Clavicle Support Brace CM-PB16 Review

[Updated on 1 June 2020] Are you in need of a good posture corrector? Posture correctors or braces are medical devices that improve your posture and shoulder alignment while providing you relief from upper back pain.

Some models can use be utilized by both men and women, which means that they are unisex. When buying a posture brace, consider light models, which enable you to wear them comfortably.

However, you should ensure that they are firm enough to offer your neck and back support. The best way to choose them is by looking for models that pull your shoulder back as soon as you wear them.

They should be of the best material, which allows your skin to breath. Another factor to consider is invisibility, which lets you wear the brace underneath your clothes.

One brand you should consider is the COMFYMED POSTURE (CORRECTOR) AND CLAVICLE BRACE CM-PB16. That’s because it’s easy to put on and is unisex. This review looks at this model in detail and finally delivers its verdict on this brand.

Features of Comfymed Posture Corrector and Clavicle Brace Cm-PB16

ComfyMedComfortable Brace

The COMFYMED POSTURE (CORRECTOR) AND CLAVICLE BRACE CM-PB16 uses an original hybrid design. It means that the manufacturer of this brand combined both the freedom to move and lightweight design to give you a simple but efficient posture corrector.

Prevention of Cervical and Thoracic Conditions

Remember that bad computer posture leads to diseases such as Cervical and Thoracic Conditions. This posture corrector enables you to avoid such problems. The result is that you stand tall and confident, among your family members, colleagues, and friends.


Easy to Put On

Most brands require that you have a helper around to put your posture corrector on and adjust it. However, this model doesn’t need a helper to assist you. It’s the only brace on the market that allows you to put it on quickly.


Both men and women can use this posture corrector that enables you to have Clavicle Support. However, ensure you measure your chest’s size under your arms. You should also make sure you seek your physician’s advice before using this product.

8 Brace

This brand offers you the comfort and support that you would expect from a traditional full brace. The result is that you get the better of the two worlds. You want the best value for your money, which this brand delivers.


This medical device comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. You also enjoy peace of mind, since you can buy it directly from the manufacturer.


  • When reviewing the COMFYMED POSTURE (CORRECTOR) AND CLAVICLE BRACE CM-PB16, we found it to be the best posture corrector if you sit behind your computer all day. The reason is that you’re able to see the results fast. For instance, you will prevent cases of back pain, slouching and neck issues.
  • It’s comfortable to wear, for example, you can wear it under your t-shirt. If your size is petite, you can also consider using this brand because it fits just fine.
  • You can wear it for about 1-2 hours. It enables you to keep your shoulders in the right position, which assists in muscle memory.
  • This item is well made, for example, it doesn’t have the chemical smell that most devices have. It’s virtually undetectable under your clothes, which means you can wear it when moving around.
  • As compared to other models, the braces on this device do not irritate the underarms. It’s easy to put it on and get it off. Bear in mind that for other models, you need a helper to put them on and when removing them.
  • If you experience shoulder or upper back pain or have recently started slouching, you should check out this model. Other users reported good results within a week of using it.
  • The 12-month manufacturer warranty is among the longest you can get when buying posture correctors. It means that the manufacturer knows that it’s a quality and durable product.


  • One customer reported that it cut into her underarm, which made her send it back. Fortunately, the manufacturer offers you a 12-month warranty, meaning she got a replacement within two days.
  • Another downside is that its straps aren’t padded all the way down, which means that you may want to wear a t-shirt underneath it. However, most posture correctors have this issue, minus the many benefits of this brand.



The COMFYMED POSTURE (CORRECTOR) AND CLAVICLE BRACE CM-PB16 is one quality product that you should consider buying. As the above review shows, it comes with many features that most other brands don’t possess.

However, ensure that you wear a t-shirt underneath and consult your physiotherapist if you have any serious medical issues. This item gets a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars as a result of its excellent features, including the original hybrid design.


  1. Alvena Tolly Reply

    Can I wear a posture corrector under my clothes? If yes, please tell me which one I should choose?

    • YourBodyPosture Reply

      Yes, you can wear it under clothing. However, there are a couple of things to consider: 1. Don’t wear it for a long time directly on your skin for the first time. There is a very small chance of an allergic reaction to the Materials used. 2. The Brace may be visible from the outside. Best to wear thick or dark clothing.

  2. Kyle Ruthie Reply

    Does this posture corrector help to straighten my spine? My Spine is in a bad shape because of wrong sitting posture for a long time.

    • YourBodyPosture Reply

      This brace will assist you in maintaining correct posture and keep you from slouching by gently pulling your shoulders back. This will remind you to keep good posture and train your muscles rather than forcing posture where your muscles get lazy and the situation worsens. Hope it helps.

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