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About the Posturific Posture Support Brace

The Posturific Posture Support is a figure-eight style posture brace developed by Dr. Joshua Dorsey, a Dublin chiropractor, that debuted on the market in 2011.

Dr. Dorsey created this product with ease in mind. Many posture supports on the market, he feels, are unnecessarily complicated and unpleasant to use. He decided to create a simple product that would benefit his patients and himself after seeing that several of his patients were suffering from poor posture (and realizing from a photograph that he was using lousy posture). The Posturific Posture Support was created four years ago, and it is still available worldwide on both his company’s website and Amazon.

Further details

The Posturific Posture Support was designed with people from all walks of life in mind, including musicians, doctors, administrative assistants, mechanics, and computer programmers. According to the manufacturer, this device is suitable for almost everyone.

The simplicity of the design is readily apparent when you take a closer look at it.

An infinity loop is formed by sewing an elastic band with a width of 1.5″ into an endless loop. The center of the loop is stitched, creating a figure eight form and allowing you to create two separate shoulder loops. There is no way to alter this product, so be sure to pick the appropriate size when ordering.

That’s all there is to it. There isn’t anything else to it.


How’s it used?

The Posturific Posture Support may be worn in one of two ways.

Subsequently, it can be worn under the armpits and over the outside of the upper arm. It may also be worn under the armpits and over top of the shoulders, between the shoulder and neck. This is the most secure approach to wear this brace since the elastic strap might work its way up or down your arm if you use it over top of the upper arms.

Begin by placing one arm in each loop, near the elbow. You’ll want to double-check that the loops aren’t twisted around and that the tag is facing away from your body. Finally, slide the support up the arms and over your head with the space between your pointer finger and thumb. Finally, grasp the straps at the front and turn the support so that the X is between your shoulder blades. During this step, a mirror will come in useful.

The manufacturer recommends wearing it for 30 minutes each day for the first seven days. Once you are accustomed to it, you may extend the time it lasts. Is that about it? That’s not the case!

Posture Strengthening Exercises

Dr. Dorsey also advises that you do some easy stretches to help improve your posture. He suggests doing 5 minutes of exercise three to four days a week or alternate days. He provides you with a poster that contains three home workouts. In addition, he has several short videos on his website that demonstrate the proper technique for several posture strengthening exercises. Dr. Dorsey claims that measurable permanent results are generally apparent within 45 days of usage.

The support can be utilized in almost any activity, such as sitting, walking, jogging, or sports. The benefits would be most obvious to those who spend many hours each day in their chairs, such as office employees.

Price & Guarantee

The Posturific Posture Support costs $21.99 plus $6.95 shipping and handling on the manufacturer’s website. The total cost was $28.94

You may save money by buying this item from Amazon rather than purchasing it at retail. It costs $24.99 plus $2.72 shipping, for a total of $27.71, or about $1.00 cheaper than the next-best deal from another vendor – and you can get it right now!

This product is within the price range of a posture brace that costs less than $30, which makes it significantly less expensive than average. It’s also one of the least expensive alternatives on the market.

The manufacturer provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely happy with your purchase, much like many other businesses. In this business, a 30-day guarantee period is common.

Sizing and Color

You can choose between black or beige when purchasing this support.

Then you must pick the size that is most suitable for you. The size chart for men and women can be found on their website. In conclusion, when it comes to t-shirt sizing, x-small, small, and medium are all equivalent for males and females.

A woman wearing a large t-shirt should utilize a medium brace, while one wearing an X-large shirt may use a larger brace.

A large brace would be ideal for a guy with a large shirt. The x-large brace is recommended for males who wear shirt sizes X-large and XX-large.

What do the reviewers have to say about it?

If you go over to Amazon and check out the product reviews, you’ll notice that there is a close balance between happy customers and ones who were unsatisfied.

Currently, customers give this product a five-star rating (32 percent) and a one-star rating (13 percent). The remaining 55% fell between two and four stars.

The major complaint of those who gave it a low ranking was that the bands became bunched up and uncomfortable under the arms. Some people said that it was too tight or did not fit well, which might have been caused by buying the incorrect size.

It was noted by those who left higher ratings that it worked well and helped to correct their bad posture. Many people believe that it helped them reduce neck and shoulder discomfort.

Because any online comment section is liable to contain a variety of viewpoints, take each one with a grain of salt. In other words, anybody can write a review (both positive and negative), whether it’s the manufacturer or a competing firm. If you’re thinking about buying this product but aren’t sure if you’ll be happy with it, keep in mind that there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, you will almost certainly have to pay for return shipping, and your original shipping fees will not be reimbursed.


Should I buy it?

The million-dollar question that everyone is asking: Is the Posturific Posture Support worth buying?

With so many items on the market, picking the best one may be difficult. If you’re looking for a basic brace that isn’t too costly, this option may be worth considering, especially because it comes with a money-back guarantee.

But why put $30 into a piece of elastic that is stitched into a figure eight? That’s something I can do!”

This is a solid point, and I believe that if you can find the fabric at a fabric store and are competent with a sewing machine, you may create an equivalent item for less than $5. In fact, you may easily use the elastic from a pair or two of old underpants, which will also be quite inexpensive.

However, the likelihood is that you are not interested in developing your own product. This one arrives on your doorstep in a few minutes with the press of a button and for $30 more, naturally.

Benefits of using Posturific Posture Support

One of the finest aspects of this product is that it does not require any setup or adjustments. It only takes a ten seconds to put on or take off. This is an excellent feature, given that most devices need several minutes to become comfortable and effective.

Its ability to hide is another appealing feature. This brace can be hidden under a shirt and would be nearly impossible to spot. It’s not a bad idea to wear it over an undershirt for added comfort and to prevent the elastic from digging into your armpits.

I believe that simple isn’t always superior. There are several options for braces, and if you have a spending plan that allows for a more costly brace, there are some really well-designed ones available for $100 or less. If you have a maximum budget of $30, this product is well worth a try, and if it doesn’t work, you may return it for a refund.

In any case, Dr. Dorsey reminds us that strengthening your posture is an essential component of correcting poor posture. Whether you decide on this equipment or choose something else, maintaining your muscles strong by exercise while improving your posture awareness is critical.

When it comes to assisting you to keep your shoulders back, posture supports can be quite beneficial. They should, however, not be relied on exclusively. According to specialists, relying only on support can actually weaken the muscles that maintain posture. To sum up, a few minutes of targeted exercise 3-4 days a week, use of posture support and improved postural awareness can make all the difference.


Pros vs. Cons


  • Inexpensive
  • A doctor designed it.
  • It’s simple to use.
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Concealable
  • There are various sizes and colors to choose from.
  • It comes with an exercise flyer.


  • Dig into the armpit region.

Do You Still Need Help Selecting a Posture Brace?

There are well over 100 different items available on the market right now, including posture supports and resistance trainers, biofeedback clothing, and other equipment. With so many to select from, selecting one that fulfills your needs may be challenging.

I compared the most popular posture braces to create this Posture brace comparison table, based on comfort, efficacy, and innovation criteria.

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