Posture Trainers: Do They Work and Which Apps Work Best?

If there is a refrain that defines most of our childhood days, it would be your teacher, mother, or grandmother hissing at you in public, “Stop slouching.” After all those years, slouching is a habit most of us haven’t been able to kick out of our lives, and primarily if you work a 9 to 5 job like any modern human. It becomes challenging.

Now that you are all grown up and responsible for your upbringing, there’s no one standing behind you to remind you to stop slouching. At a time when more than 70% of all grownups are hunched over staring at phones or lounging in chairs at works endlessly scrolling through webpages, our posture takes the hit.

Fortunately, with modernity and tech advancement, there’s a device to help you with your posture correction. There are several types of these devices available in the market. But in this article, we will review two popular options, the Lumo Body Tech and the Upright Go posture correction devices. These tiny little devices promise to improve your posture in as little as two weeks to a month. It’s going to take a lot more to rewire your brain to sit straight.

Are you comfortable sitting down? Do you experience any back pain? That is the question that Lumo Lift is asking, and hoping to answer in the affirmative by training its users to quit slouching and sit up straight. Lumo Lift is a small pebble-shaped wearable posture correction device that can be worn discreetly under your garments near your collarbone. According to Lumo Tech, having a great posture is not only beneficial to your health but also your career and social life as well. So, does the Lumo Lift live up to its expectations? Let’s find out!

Lumo Fit

Using the Lumo Lift device is quite easy; you’ll need to enter your details, including your height, name, and email address into the app downloadable on your smartphone. The device can be clipped into your shirt, bra, or t-shirt around your collar bone. The device comes with a variety of colored magnetic clasps for your liking.

For practical use, you will need to realign the Lumo Fit sensor device every time you change your position. For instance, when you sit down at your computer, get comfortable with your back up straight, you will need to double-tap the Lumo Fit App. It will buzz thrice in acknowledgment.

According to reviewers, the Lumo Fit device works fine and would buzz every time the user slouched forward. The tool will even detect when the user is leaning in forward into the computer, forcing them to remember that they need to entirely still when typing. It’s important to note that slouching isn’t all about lounging down or staying vertical. Just as it’s damaging to the spine slouching forward, slouching downwards into the chair or sloping shoulders forward is harmful. Fortunately, the Lumo Fit posture correction device catches this movement too.

Lumo Fit Design

A distinguishing characteristic of the Lumo Fit device is that users can wear it with a magnet instead of a clip on your clothes or around your wrist. The device comprises two parts, a small magnetic square plate, and the tracker. The tracker, designed with polycarbonate material, is what houses the internal components while the plate holds the device into place on your garments. This device functions like a button that the user presses to program and use.

posture trainers apps_ LumoFitFor effective use, it’s advisable to place the device about an inch below your collarbone. Make sure the tracker is against your skin or underneath your shirt with the magnet plate on the other side. Depending on your preferences, you could have the device hidden underneath your clothes. You can also leave it exposed as a fashion accessory—all in all; it must rest on your body for the perfect result.

The Lumo Lift posture device comes in three different color options: black, white, and silver variables. It also includes a black and silver metal plate by default. If you need more color variables, you can purchase additional plates with desired colors separately for about $20. Also, you could get separate rounded clips that can be worn around a strap like a bra or a shirt.

The Lumo Fit device is small, about two centimeters thick and the size of two quarters placed side by side. While the tracker is relatively thin, it’s still big enough to fit underneath your clothing. According to user reviews, it is hardly felt underneath clothing, and won’t get in your way. However, it will occasionally get pressed by a purse or a backpack.

The Lumoback App will vibrate the moment you slouch or if your shoulders lean forward. It uses a patented biometrics monitoring sensor that will buzz until you sit up straight. The user can set the app to annoy you for three seconds or even up to ten minutes. This app will also collate your activity stats giving live real-time graphic information about your posture.

Battery Life

The Lumo Body device is rated as lasting for up to five days, which is accurate. However, this will largely depend on the preset coaching mode by the user. If you set up more reminders, it translates to more vibrations and, therefore, shorter battery life. The Lumo Body device can get a user through a week’s workout, a quick business trip, meaning you don’t need to pack up your recharging dock.

What happens when the battery dies? Like any wearable device, you will need to plug into a charger, and then forget it for a couple of days. Unfortunately, while it takes a couple of hours to recharge, forgetting about it is the ultimate wearables curse. With the Lumo Fit, its worse, since it requires the user to have it strapped on their clothing. Users need to watch out not to forget it on the bedroom floor or strapped on to yesterday’s clothes.


What does good posture entail? Well, according to Lumo Body Tech, it’s how their users hold their shoulders. Not convinced? Well, according to reviewers, the effectiveness of the app will largely depend on what you wear and where you sit. Its battery is efficient and will last a working week, which is practically beneficial. The app is not too annoying or preaching, and according to users, it got them thinking about their posture, especially when working on their desks. So, what did users have to say about using the app? Did their backs feel better after all? Surprisingly, it did. Most users are more aware of their posture and slowly becoming more aware of their posture sitting down.


The Upright Posture Trainer

The Upright Posture trainer, like the Lumo Tech Body device, is a digital posture tracker. It’s a tiny wearable device that users can attach to their upper spine using adhesive pads. The device comes with alcohol wipes and adhesive pads, and depending on your requirements, users can buy more.

Each day, the users get a “training period.” Depending on how you would like to start, you can select from a few minutes and work your way up. This device is used both while sitting or standing up. You can even set up your posture and sit up straight, and it will track you, giving out a gentle vibration the moment you begin to slouch. After your training period is over, the user can enter a tracking period, generally during desk time. The app will then sync with the device and give you a progress report of how you performed. The app will also send out push notifications to ensure that you do not forget to use it.

With the Upright device, the tracking period is the most interesting. Due to your course, your posture is going to be nice and perfect, and you will get constant reminders when you slouch. However, what happens when you don’t slouch?

The purpose of the Upright Go device isn’t merely to track; it also works to train. The moment you begin using the device, the user will have to input their details such as your age, weight, and height into your smartphone Upright App, where it will present you with a training schedule. Every day, the user will need to sit or stand in good posture for a stipulated period to receive a gold star. The time will increase gradually as you use the app until you complete the program. After this, the app will recommend training in 20-minute sessions every few minutes within the week.

Design and Feel

The newer version of the Upright Go is a bit smaller than the original. Just like the Lumo Body Tech device, it is discreet enough to wear underneath most clothing. The tracker consists of a little white plastic shell with a small on and off button, and an LED to show charging, connectivity, and a USB-C charging port.

posture trainers apps_ Upright Posture TrainerOn the backside, you can attach one of its included double-sided adhesive slips that you will connect on the device and onto your back. Don’t panic; the adhesive strip is skin-friendly, and so far, there have been no complaints. The device comes with several adhesive strips.

According to the manufacturer, each slip will work for up to ten uses before you are required to change. The device comes with several strips, but you could still buy more if need be. The Upright Go device needs to be attached accurately to get accurate results. If placed too high or low, the device won’t offer the best results. Therefore, it is recommended that the device is placed a few inches from your shoulder blades.

Setting up the Upright Go

Setting up this posture correction device is quite simple. You will only need to charge it, turn it on, and place it on your back. The user can download its app on their smartphone and sync it via Bluetooth. Once you have achieved connection, the app will get you through a few steps that will require you to input your details, including your age and weight.

The app will ask to set your posture, which gives a benchmark to measure against so that it can determine when you are slouching. Once your stance is set, the Upright Go device will smoothly vibrate when you begin to slouch. The device is designed to offer subtle vibrations that will get you almost immediately to straighten your posture. It can also be configured in several different ways to whatever will suit the user. According to reviewers, the gentle “knocking vibration” works best; however, depending on preference, users can use better variations available.

The app will also show a little small red dot that is the threshold of when the Upright Go determines the user is slouching. The moment you go over this red dot, the Upright posture device will begin vibrating to remind you to straighten up.



Most posture trainer apps you will find in the market come with a device that you can fix on your clothing or wrist. Alex is quite different since it sits on the back of the neck. It is designed like a sports-style headphone, with two stretchable attachments that sit lightly on your ears. The two accessories connect to the sensor case at the back of the neck, where the device will detect the proper position of the neck or head to notify the user when they are in a bad posture. A vibration will inform the user once the app notices poor body alignment or posture.

posture trainers apps_ AlexThis device also comes with a posture coach feature that helps the user view their posture progress in real-time. The program consists of graphs and trackers that allow the user to scan their progress towards their goals. Users can also adjust the intensity and frequency of the alerts so that they get the most appropriate nudge in towards their journey to better posture. The device also can store over a month of electronic data on the cloud so that you can have access to your progress.


Darma is another popular posture trainer app, and unlike other trainers that use a worn device, Darma is a seat cushion that features a fully integrated app. The cushion feature sensors collect information on an individual’s usage through notifications on your smartphone. This app uses state of the art memory foam cushioning to monitor a user’s posture stress and sitting habits.

posture trainers apps_ DarmaThe cushion has fiber optic cables that run through the memory foam. This smartphone app monitors the heart rate, weight distribution, body posture, respiration rate that is collected over time. The alerts are sent through your phone and can also be felt as a slight vibration on the cushion. The app will also make suggestions on stretching and breathing exercises to help the users optimize their performance at work.

The cushion battery is quite impressive and can last up to two weeks from one charging session. It also makes a comfortable seat cushion. Darma is perfect for users who are not interested in wearable posture trainers.

Other Popular Posture Trainer Apps you can try


Nekoze app is available for both your smartphone and desktop computer (for those who want to access it while working at the office). It’s fun and straightforward to use the app, which also means “Stooped” in Japanese. When the user’s posture is terrible, cat cartoon character emerges from the screen as a reminder to sit or stand upright. Don’t worry if you have it installed on your computer; you can turn down the volume when it gets annoying.

NekozokeLogoHowever, the meowing cat won’t stop until you fix your posture. Users can also customize the device’s sensitivity. The app also comes with video demonstration tutorials for different posture stretches.

Simply Align

If you work in the modern environment, chances are you use a phone or a computer regularly. These devices are the number one reason for poor posture. While using a standing desk might help prevent neck and back pain caused by slouching, you may still experience back pain at the end of the day.

SimplyAlignYou can download the Simply Align app on your desktop computer or smartphone (iOS) to help you track your posture. The app is developed by Simply Align Center based in Canada. The app works by sending reminders to the user whenever they slouch or are in bad posture. These reminders, over time, help the user become aware of when their posture is bad.

Perfect Posture Workout

This Posture trainer app is only available for iOS smartphones. Perfect Posture Workout is quite handy and comes with a daily on-the-go reminder to help the user get the best posture possible. The app needs to be calibrated on first use. To do this, the user needs to stand on a wall with their phone on the front shirt pocket. The app will guide the user through a few posture exercises and activities.

The moment you slouch during these workouts, the phone will vibrate and let you know your posture needs fixing. This app is recommended for individuals looking to track their posture progress over time.


This app works like Nekoze. It comes with gravity sensors to help detect bad posture. When you are seated or standing in a poor posture, the app will send a logo to the screen of your phone, reminding you to straighten up.

Users can customize the app to decide the level of strictness of the reminders. You can also customize the notification the app sends. The app is free to download, with minimum features. The premium version offers more features for users who wish to fix their posture.






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