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[Updated on 1 June 2020] At some point in your life, you may have woken up with neck pain. According to studies, at any given time, 13 percent of American adults suffer from neck pain (women more than men). Neck pain is usually caused by muscles, ligaments, and tendons that are commonly referred to as soft tissues in and around the cervical spine. In this article, we have reviewed some of the posture pumps which you use to get relive from your neck pain.

Most cases of neck pain usually have a postural component as part of the underlying issues. In such scenarios, understanding and recognizing the poor posture will be of vital importance when finding neck relief.

What is the difference between Good and Bad Posture?

Good posture relates to the neck and is commonly considered when a person’s ears are positioned directly above the shoulders with the chest open and shoulders back. When in this neutral position, also known as healthy head posture, the stress that’s put on the neck is minimized since the head’s weight is naturally balanced onto the cervical spine.

Therefore, the forward head posture will typically occur when a person’s neck slants forward, placing the head further in front of the shoulders rather than being directly above. This head position in an individual lead to a variety of problems, including:

Hyperextension and Hyperflexion

This is the point where the lower cervical spine gets into hyperflexion as the vertebrae are tilting forward. The user’s upper cervical spine, on the other hand, does the opposite going into hyperextension while the head keeps the brain up so that the user’s eyes can focus straight ahead. The adjustment of the cervical spine curve elongates the spinal canal distance from the skull’s base to the bottom of the neck, forcing the spinal cord as well as nearby nerves to be somewhat stretched.

Amplified stress on the cervical spine

As the user’s head is in poor posture, held forward the cervical spine is forced to support the increased amount of weight produced. It is important to note that every inch your head is held forward in poor posture, there are an additional 10 pounds of weight felt on the cervical spine. Therefore, if the average weight of the head is 10 to 13 pounds, about an inch or two forward head posture will double or triple the load on the cervical spine.AmplifiedStressOnCervicalSpine

Hunched upper back

More commonly, the forward head posture is followed by forwarding facing shoulders and a rounded upper back that generally leads to more pain in the neck, upper back, and shoulders.

Muscle overload

Some muscles found in the neck and upper back need to continually overwork to counterbalance the pull of gravity on the forward head. As a result, the tissues will be more susceptible to spasms and painful strains.

The longer an individual continues with poor posture like being hunched over a computer or lounging on the couch, then the more likely they will experience neck pain, stiffness as well as other symptoms around the neck.

What is a Posture Pump?

A Posture pump is decompressive equipment or traction device that can be used by neck pain patients to help restore the standard shape of the spine and reduce neck pain and stiffness in the joints. While this device is medical equipment, it can be used by a patient from the comfort of their home to help relieve the symptoms of postural problems.

PosturePumpUsing a posture pump will help reverse forward bend in the neck by reducing pressure and preventing the hydration of the discs. A posture pump ideally functions to restore the curves found in the cervical spine; halt damage to the bones, and reduce discomfort and soreness. The posture pump device usually consists of a base to rest your head; with a support system for the neck on the strap that goes around the forehead. The air cells that are found within the base work to decompress neck joints to offer deep relief, shape your neck and upper back, and in turn, prevent hunched and forward head postures.

The posture pump device can be used under the lower back area as well to reduce pain and correct posture. This postural device is a manually operated hand pump that increases and decreases pressure on the affected areas to help align and decompress the joints.

When can I Use a Posture Pump?

Routinely visiting your chiropractor or osteopathic specialists will give you insights on the state of your neck, back, and spine. Depending on the symptoms and nature of your problem, your physician may recommend therapy, where the use of a posture pump or a combination of the two might be required.  A posture pump can be used under the following conditions:

How Can Postural Pumps Help Neck Pain?

Individuals can use a posture pump when looking to guide their necks into their natural curvature. Typically, the health of the neck is crucial to the structure of the back and overall wellness. Since your neck is closely connected to the brain, maintaining a healthy curve in your neck is vital. The human neck is made up of the first seven vertebrae in the spine, also known as the cervical spine.

NeckPainThis connects the individual’s skull to the thoracic spine that is found between the neck and the abdomen. In normal circumstances, the cervical spine has a slight C-shaped bow that faces the front of a person. The human head weighs about 10 pounds, in which the curve helps to support. It is also what’s responsible for facilitating the movement in the neck.

Slouching on your computer or straining your neck as you use your phone, bad sleeping habits, and other factors directly affect the curvature of the neck. Over time, you will begin to develop a straight or flattened neck that lacks the natural shape, also known as the military neck. In case your lifestyle demands sitting for extensive periods, it could lead to the loss of the C-shape on your cervical spine.

Besides, if this problem persists without medical mediation, you will begin to feel some sort of discomfort in the neck as it experiences tension. Pain, stiffness, and soreness in the neck will gradually start to extend to other areas. When most postural patients discover disc compression and loss of curvature after medical consultations, restoration of the spine is possible with the help of a postural pump.

Using a Posture Pump

The posture pump was designed and invented by a medical professional who applied knowledge to come up with a non-invasive method to help relieve back pain and neck pain. So, how do you use a posture pump correctly?

HowPosturePumpsWorkFirst, place the posture pump on a flat surface and then untangle the strap located on its back. Lie down and ensure that your neck is well centered on the unit. Put on the belt and hold the hand pump. Start pumping the unit until you get to a level you are comfortable with. Hold this position for about 10 to 15 seconds before deflating it. Repeat this process five to ten times. This particular range of motion stretches the back muscles while at the same time hydrating the disks.

Are Posture Pumps Safe?

Just like any other traction device, using a posture pump needs the care to avoid overstretching your neck. Overusing this device will also cause more harm than good. Before using this device, the user should perform a short routine workout.

Also, individuals with the following conditions should avoid using a posture pump:

  • Spinal instability
  • Fracture
  • Acute traumatic injury
  • Implanted spinal hardware or spinal injury
  • Inflammatory disease or infection
  • Aggravated symptoms
  • Pregnancy
  • Extruded disc Fragments
  • The Best Posture Pumps

Posture Pump 1100

The Posture Pump 1100 is one of the most popular traction devices in the world, with more than 500,000 users around the globe. The 1100 works to relieve headaches. Fatigue, decrease neck bulging, ease neck stiffness, hydrate and decompress discs, correct neck posture, and improve the range of motion.

Posture-Pump-1100The Posture 1100 is quite simple to operate and can be used in the comfort of your home once or twice a day. This device features one hand pump that is used to pump air into air cells to trigger the up and down motion. This up and down motion, when repeated for about 15 to 20 minutes, helps to hydrate the discs and spinal joints relieving back and neck pain.

BodyHealth Neck Exercising

According to the manufacturer, the BodyHeat cervical neck pump works to correct incorrect neck and upper back posture as well as restore the neck curve. It will also reduce disc bulges and work to rehydrate compressed discs. The BodyHealth Neck Exercising cervical pump helps the user improve their posture, reduce joint pain fatigue and joint pain, it will also help restore your body alignment, inducing flexibility for users to feel young and energized.

Compared to other posture pumps in the market; the BodyHealth cervical neck pumps us reasonably priced and quite easy to use. Its distinct air cells work to shape the spine and hydrate the discs. It is lightweight and folds easily, making it portable.

Posture Pump 1400 D

If you are looking for a posture pump that works to relieve headaches, upper back pain, and fatigue, the Posture Pump 1400 D is your ideal choice. The 14000 D is an upgrade from the 1100S and works to relieve tension and upper back tightness, decompresses joints, and reshapes your back and neck.

Posture-Pump-1400-DCompared to the 1100 S, the 1400 D is much more accessible, with more than three million pieces sold worldwide. The 1400 D model uses dual air cell technology that works by decompressing the spine and hydrating the discs.  This state-of-the-art tech can only be found on Posture Pump products. This technology makes it possible for the posture pump to decompress and shape the user’s neck and upper back simultaneously.

Apart from relieving pain and fatigue; you can use the 1400 D to relax your mind and body before you sleep. It’s a lightweight product and can be fitted with only one hand pump; making it possible to pump both air cells simultaneously. It is quite comfortable to use since it takes the shape of the user’s forehead. Also, it does not get into contact with the chin or jaw. It’s also ideal for domestic use.


Posture Pump 4100 S

It’s yet another quality traction device from Posture Pump that works to relieve neck and back pain. This device combines the features of the neck model 1100 S and back model 2000. However, the 4100S uses the unique EED air cell technology from Posture Pump that works to hydrate your cervical discs, strengthen your core muscles, and reshape your neck.

Posture-Pump-4100-SThe 4100 S is compact and travels friendly; it is also designed with quality durable material. It works to strengthen your neck as well as your lower back and core. It’s a bit pricey compared to other posture pumps in this list but still offers excellent functionality.


Penta Vec 2500

The Penta Vec 2500 is a fantastic product for individuals experiencing pain on their lower back and along the sciatic nerve. This device features five vectors that work simultaneously to relieve compression and stiffness on the lower back. This complex process can not be replicated by manual massage.

Penta-Vec-2500-1The Penta Vec features the unique EED (Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression) technology that works to expand the spine, helping it decompress. The Penta Vec 2500 also features a decompression pedal at the base of the device.  The Pedal works to fine-tune the angle of depression with the user’s feet. It offers fast relief to the lower parts of your back.

This device comes with a hand pump on each side. When you squeeze, the pump inflates the air cells of the traction device. It is advisable to use this device for at least eight minutes each day to improve your flexibility and posture.


Comfortrac Cervical Traction Device

The Comfortrac Cervical Traction Device is a popular device used to help relieve neck pain. This device features neck wedges that can adjust independently. It also comes with a memory pillow that is designed to conform to the shape of the user’s head.

Comfortrac-Cervical-Traction-DeviceThe Comfortrac Cervical Traction Device is a top-rated gadget that allows users to adjust the angle of incline between 10 and 20 degrees without necessarily adding extra parts. It also comes with a carrying case for portability, which is a bonus. The hand pump is also designed to help the user increase or decrease traction force. The Comfortrac Cervical Traction Device is not ideal for wooden floors; for best results, users are advised to use a mat or carpet.


Bottom Line

Individuals suffering from neck and back pain could get disabled over time. This condition can suck the joy of life out of you. Therefore, it’s essential to deal with the symptoms early. Investing in a posture pump is a simple and inexpensive way to improve your posture and relieve fatigue, neck, and back pain. Our Posture pump above is designed to help you pick out the best device for your condition in the market. We hope it enables you to make a wise decision.

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