Vive Posture Corrector Review

If you are looking for relief from chronic back pain, VIVE POSTURE CORRECTOR may be the answer. VIVE is a device that corrects your posture and relieves pain on contact. VIVE is the first wearable technology to offer this service without surgery or treatment of any kind. This device has helped thousands of people get their lives back after they’ve been living in chronic pain for years! It’s time you find out how VIVE can help you too!

Sitting in an incorrect posture for an extended period is not only uncomfortable for your back, but it can also have a detrimental influence on your self-esteem and confidence. Furthermore, if unchecked, you may develop the habit of slumping that puts a huge strain on your shoulders and back. Aside from being extremely unpleasant and stressful, slouching can lead to a variety of other health issues such as obesity, lethargy, sleep deprivation, etc. Wearing a posture corrector makes one conscious of their posture and causes a major shift in body alignment.

For people searching for a posture support brace that actively corrects their postures and prevents slouching, the Vive Clavicle & Shoulder Support Brace is an excellent alternative. The upper back, clavicle, and shoulder support brace designed by Vive is ideal for individuals who want something that actively controls their posture and staves off slumping.

The Vive posture corrector has a unique design that ensures a good spine alignment by reassuring you of your posture. The firm yet comfortable foam padding provides excellent support and a solid lift to the bust. The posture corrector lifts your shoulders and aligns the clavicle bone. It may also be readily adjusted to ensure an excellent fit. The sturdy adhesive fastener is the most notable feature, which provides a tight fit and prevents the brace from shifting.

It prevents your shoulders and back muscles from being strained since it continually maintains your posture. The fabric is of good quality and breathable, ensuring maximum comfort with support. When it comes to price, it is considerably more cost-effective than other posture braces.



  • It corrects slouching or stooped shoulders, allowing you to stand up straight with confidence.
  • It does not restrict your movement or become unpleasant in any way.
  • This brace comes with cushioned padding for additional comfort and a tight grip. The straps help you retract your shoulders and align the clavicle bone correctly to have the ideal posture. As a result, it reduces the strain that comes from slouching or bent shoulders.
  • It includes an adjustable strap with a D ring for a perfect fit.
  • The adaptable design of this brace works gradually to realign your spine by correcting thoracic and cervical problems.
  • The adjustable straps and incorporated ring make the Vive posture corrector easy to put on and take off. This brace may be worn all day long at any time or place because of its excellent comfort.
  • This fabric is breathable and light, allowing for maximum comfort.
  • The figure 8 design provides durable support.
  • You may wear the brace under and over your clothes.


  • It’s easy to adjust and fits comfortably.
  • The unique shape and cushioning in its innovative construction make it extremely pleasant.
  • The brace is composed of breathable, high-quality material that ensures you won’t feel restricted when wearing it.
  • It has a beneficial effect on your posture and can help you feel less hunched over.
  • It’s designed in such a way that it doesn’t visible under clothing.
  • Adhesive clasps ensure a secure and safe fit.


  • Because of a lack of padding, the wide straps might cause minor irritation or a scratch around the armpits.
  • For the brace to stay in place, you’ll need the help of someone else.

Final Verdict:

Given its characteristics and comparing the benefits and drawbacks, we’ve concluded that the Vive posture corrector isn’t awful at all. In general, it’s a decent posture brace.

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