Does Fixing Bad Posture Hurt?

Does fixing bad posture hurt? It shouldn’t. Improving posture shouldn’t cause you pain or discomfort, yet I frequently encounter people injuring themselves while attempting to fix their posture with or without gadgets.

Most people don’t know that maintaining good posture is vital for our health. Bad posture can lead to back, shoulder, and neck pain, not to mention it’s terrible for your spine. Fixing your bad posture may seem like a daunting task, but the benefits are well worth the effort!

Stretching tight muscles and building up weak muscles is a typical posture-improving technique. However, this might cause additional pain and discomfort in various regions of the body. This can lead to more body aches and pains. Our bodies are joined, therefore attempting to correct posture by breaking it down into smaller components such as shoulders, chests, or upper backs is fruitless.

The most common technique for posture correction is to concentrate on stretching tight muscles, such as the ‘pecs,’ and strengthening weak muscles, like the rhomboids. A posture correction device, such as a shoulder brace, is another common technique you can try. However, as our skeleton becomes misaligned, most specifically our spine, we develop poor posture. So attempting to correct the body one part at a time is ineffective and unnecessary since it merely scratches the surface of a worldwide problem: bad skeletal alignment.

Bad posture results when bones move away from the appropriate anatomical position, and good posture achieve when they are brought back to their proper place.

How long does it take to fix posture?

When your body is correctly aligned, you’ll move more freely. Your posture, 360 joints, and movement will all improve. You may quickly and safely overcome discomfort and limitation along the path. How soon?

A variety of factors determines this, but once you start working directly with bone, you will notice an improvement in how you feel and look. You can expect exceptional changes in 10 weeks if you start properly posture exercise and good habits. You’ll move from lying to sitting to standing postures, and you may anticipate significant improvements over time.

Keep in mind that our bones become misaligned, causing us to adopt poor posture. A tight neck, shoulder, chest, or upper back muscle is merely a symptom of a more severe problem, so tacking on extra stretching or strengthening exercises around the margins is unlikely to help and might even exacerbate the strain and compression already being experienced throughout your body.

Why does sitting up straight hurt my back?

Our spine is not meant to be straight; it is designed to have various natural curves. Grandma’s advice to sit up straight may well have been genuine, but trying to sit up straight puts more strain on our backs than sitting in an actual curve position does. We also do not slouch or hunch our shoulders, nor do we stiffen up and tense our abs. All of the muscles in this area should use appropriately to avoid discomfort and back pain.

Next time you’re sitting, ask yourself. I’d want to sit as tall and calm as possible. This will be much more beneficial to your body than attempting to sit up straight!

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