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[Updated on 1 June 2020] Since doctors have made it clear that people suffering from a wide array of spine and back issues can get some much-needed alleviation by using inversion tables, these items saturated the market. But in spite of that, people still wonder what the best inversion table is. The answer is quite complex. There’s no ultimate best, per se, since it’s all about the needs of the individual. We’ve taken those needs in consideration when compiling this guide.

If you were unsure what inversion table would be best for you, you might find the solution in here. There will be plenty of them to choose from.


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Best Inversion Table Over $200

Winner: Teeter EP-560 Ltd VIEW ON AMAZON
Runner-up: Ironman Gravity 1000 VIEW ON AMAZON
Alternative: Ironman Gravity 4000 VIEW ON AMAZON

Best Inversion Table Under $200

Winner: Innova ITX9600 VIEW ON AMAZON
Runner-up: Body Max Body Champ IT8070 VIEW ON AMAZON

Why Should You Choose Your Inversion Table Carefully?

The real question here would be “Why not?” There are plenty of reasons for you to do so. If you think that inversion tables differ from one another, you are 100% right.

Inversion Table Man on it

First of all, you’re going to spend money on it, and I have yet to meet a person that likes losing money. You must make sure that the sum you waste is going to return equal quality in the product you’re purchasing.

Second of all, you undoubtedly want it to last. Purchasing the cheapest inversion table there is will not ensure that, by any means. They’re not awfully complex machineries, but they can break down if their quality and construction is subpar.

In the next section, I’ll present you all the aspects you should give yourself the time to study whenever you want to buy such a product for yourself or someone else that needs it.

Things To Pay Attention To When Choosing Your Inversion Table

There are 6 major things that need your attention. You should not blow past any of them, because ultimately, it’s their harmonious co-working that grants your inversion table effectiveness and durability.

Controlled Inversion

Inversion Table with control

Controlled inversion allows you to stop the table at whatever angle you want (preferably the one your doctor told you to stop at). This is done by placing a bar in the back of the table, in designated dints drilled into it.

Upon descending, it will function as a stopper. Some other models may have different stoppers altogether, like some type of lever you pull when you’ve reached the proper position.

If the inversion table you’re about to buy does not have some sort of control over the inversion process, it is not worth the money. There are not many “preset” tables out there, but it doesn’t hurt to be extra cautious.

Quality Frame

You want your table to have stainless steel frame. This way, you can be sure that it’s not going to malfunction after a couple of months. If it does have a steel frame, don’t use solvent to clean it.

It should go without saying that if the frame of any given inversion table is plastic or some other subpar material, you should do anything but buy it. First of all, it’s not going to be durable.

Second of all, it’s a safety hazard, since it can break as you rotate. That can be catastrophic for someone with back issues.


Inversion ControledThere are some really cool inversion tables nowadays, equipped with very comfortable backseats and soft, rubber massage points that stretch out your muscles when you rotate. If an inversion table has a backrest made of plastic, it’s not much of a good deal.

It has to be a soft mat, so you don’t end up being in more pain than you were in before using it. If it’s a molded foam mat, that’s gorgeous. It will feel like you’re in heaven every time you lie on it.

And it’s not all about comfort to be honest. But the last thing you want when you’re barely able to bend due to excruciating back pain is to lie down on a rigid surface. And I’m positive you don’t want an inversion table on which you’ll need to tape a pillow.


In terms of safety, a good inversion table has straps that you tie around your waist so you don’t go headfirst onto the floor. The hand grips are important, as well. If they are not made out of rubber, there’s a risk your hands will slip off.

Are Inversion Tables SafeAgain, you will make acquaintance with the floor. The frame also contributes to the general safety of the inversion table. So does the weight capacity. Never use a table that has not been made for your weight.

The clamps your feet go under should be looked at, too. You must make sure they’re adjustable, so your feet are in the perfect position. Do not make any improvisations to your table.

If it’s not suitable for you, just pack it, send it back and get another one.

Weight Capacity

Heavyweight inversion tables can accommodate up to 350 pounds. Small ones can support between 100 and 150 lbs. Again, only use an inversion table that can handle your weight.

Keep in mind that the bigger the weight capacity of a table is, the heavier it will be. If you live on your own, you might need someone to help you transport it to the room you want to install it in.


This is a choice that should be made solely according to how much spare space you have in your house. If it’s just a little, the best thing you can do is purchase a foldable inversion table.

InnovaFolding TableThis type can be installed and uninstalled whenever you please. It can be stored easily in a closet. If you’ve got plenty of space, a static inversion table will do.

I recommend you buy a foldable one anyway. Maybe you’re travelling around a lot, and you want to take it with you. That won’t be possible in the case of a static one.

Now that we’ve seen all the important factors you must take into consideration whenever you’re hunting for good inversion tables, let’s see 5 of the best products you should take a look at.

We have tables for every type of budget, so you’ll find something for you no matter how much money you’re willing to spend on the product.

Our Recommendations

Many people think that, because there are so many brands and models on the market, the choosing process will automatically be a piece of cake. Wrong. In fact, the sheer multitude of these products makes it all the more difficult.

Making this Top 5 inversion tables was not easy, but I’ve fired on all pistons and here it is. I have split the 5 into two categories: over $200 and under $200.

Best Inversion Table Over $200

Winner: Teeter EP-560 Ltd

Teeter has been in business for quite a while now, and it happens to have some of the very best inversion tables. It is also one of the few companies that are FDA cleared and certified by the most important third parties in the healthcare domain.

This EP-560 Ltd. is a gem, to be honest. It was made with ergonomics in mind, and comfort also. It has got some of the most-sought features like: rotational control, pre-set rotation, folding ability, 5-step assembly and comfortable design.

We’ve talked about the acupressure nodes on a few occasions in the guide on inversion tables. This is the model that has those. They can be inserted in the dints of the bed and serve as decompressing facilitators.

You can put them anywhere in the area of the back. The item weighs somewhere around 70 pounds when shipped, and a little over 58 pounds on its own. The dimensions are 48.5 x 30 x 8.9 inches.

Teeter EP-560 Review

The ankle clamps have extra padding, for heightened comfort when reclining. There are also handholds built into the frame that you can use in order to make the stretching even more effective.

This is the best-rated inversion table, as well as the best inversion table for the money, and the 1000+ great reviews are the indubitable proof. Moreover, the table was made of treated steel. This way, you can rest assure that it can potentially outlive you.

The bed (Comfortrak, as it is called by the manufacturer), looks really stern and not user-friendly at all, but it’s actually comfortable and bends discreetly around your body, in order to support the areas that cause you pain.

This is, without a doubt, the best Teeter inversion table you can get for less than or around $300.

  • Approved by the FDA
  • High-quality components
  • Acupressure nodes
  • Foldable
  • The best quality inversion table
  • The bed might push some customers away, because it looks like cheap plastic


Runner-up: Ironman Gravity 1000

Let’s start by saying this: memory foam is awesome no matter where it goes into. However, it’s 100 times more awesome when it makes the backrest of your inversion table. Yes, you guessed it, the Ironman Gravity 1000 has a memory-foam backrest.

You’re tempted to say “Goodbye” to back pain before you’ve even “ordered” it. Apart from this, the Gravity 1000 has many other features that make it a great buy. The tubular steel frame, for instance. Not only will this last for years, but it is also scratch-proof.

If you’re anxious when you’re spinning on the table, thinking that the inversion table will be thrown out of balance, you shouldn’t worry with this one. It has 4 stabilizers that are resistant to friction, so you won’t risk breaking your nose when you’ve just fixed your back.Ironman Gravity 1000 Front View Review

The weight capacity of 300 pounds is also a perk. It is foldable, and it has a unique locking system for your ankles and a nice backrest, for extra back comfort when using the table.

It has two gigantic handles; therefore you have plenty of gripping space. They also facilitate your turning back to the initial position after finishing your session.

It weighs 46 pounds and the dimensions are: 49 x 26 x 62 inches.

I find the design to be quite tasteful. The white and the black make a beautiful contrast and the components have this chromed look that makes them nothing short of amazing. What I didn’t like, however, is that the item is so much bigger than the photo shows.

Not really sure why that is, but it’s not the end of the world, anyway.

  • High-quality materials
  • Stabilizers that ensure the inversion table won’t skid on the floor
  • Acupressure nodes
  • Foldable and with a high weight capacity
  • Best value inversion table
  • It is bigger than it looks like in the photos.


Alternative: Ironman Gravity 4000

Coming with a stylish combination of blue and black, the Gravity 4000 is as eye-catchy as it is efficient. This is the best heavy-duty inversion table because it has the highest weight capacity: 350 lbs.

The backrest is made out of a combination of memory foam and nylon. Like the previous model, this is also coated with a powder that prevents scratch marks. It is foldable, of course, and waterproof.

Apart from these, it’s got everything a good inversion table must have. Most of the times, inversion tables are extremely uncomfortable, especially around the ankles. That’s probably due to bad material or something.

Ironman Gravity 4000 ReviewI found this to be very pleasing. Your ankles are enveloped in soft cushions that don’t put any pressure on them as you rotate your way to a healthy back. The table offers a lumbar pillow.

This will be extremely useful for people having any problems in that region of the body. It’s soft, so it accommodates the lumbar area really well, as it goes deep into it, thanks to having been made out of memory foam.

The table can be folded, which is a perk for those who don’t have plenty of room in their houses. According to many customers, this is the best home inversion table ever. The price is totally justified by the quality of the product.

What I found really odd – and a bit annoying, to be honest – is that the equipment mat has to be purchased individually. So, without the mat, the inversion table costs around $200. With the mat, it jumps over that sum.

You be the judge on whether this is the best inversion table for back pain or not. We are inclined to think it is, particularly thanks to its soft mat and outstanding features.

  • Durable materials
  • Anti-skidding
  • Controllable reversal
  • Foldable
  • Great weight capacity
  • The price difference between the inversion table with and without the mat.


Best Inversion Table Under $200

We don’t have one best inversion table to buy for less than $200. We’ve got two of them.

The Winner: Innova ITX9600

This Innova model is the solution you’ve been looking for if you were shopping for an inversion table on a budget. It costs just a little over $100 and it’s a great deal. Let me tell you why that is.

First of all, the headrest is fully adjustable. The backrest is padded, so it will feel heavenly against your aching back. Second of all, even though it is quite cheap, it has a weight capacity of 300 lbs, which is no small thing.Inova ITX 9600 Review

The handlebars are made out of foam, therefore they are easy to grip and your hands won’t slip off from them. Something called “True Balance System” allows you to adjust the angle on 5 levels.

As far as the comfort of your ankles goes, the device is equipped with ergonomic rollers. The entire frame is made out of a heavy-duty steel frame. If you purchase this, be careful of how you clean it, so you don’t scratch it.

And did I mention it’s foldable? Well, you can clearly see that this is a fantastic buy. It’s kind of hard to believe that an inversion table equipped with such a wide array of features is somewhere in the range of $100. But it’s true nonetheless!

The item weighs 52 pounds and the dimensions are 46 x 28 x 63 inches. Not at all bad for such a cheap table. In respect with what other people think about it, 98% of those who purchased it are completely satisfied with what they got.

They all praise the ratio between quality and price. Obviously, I do too. It offers real advantages for those who cannot afford more expensive tables.

  • Incredibly cheap
  • Top notch features
  • Foldable
  • Supports up to 300 pounds in weight
  • Some people may find it extremely difficult to install. This may add up a bit to the price, since you’re probably going to need a handyman to do the job.

All things considered, it is the best inversion table on the market you can get for a pittance. And it is high-brow, which adds even more to its greatness.


Runner-up: Body Max Body Champ IT8070250

lbs weight capacity for such a low price? Yup, that’s right, you didn’t read that wrong. In fact, the capacity is not the only great thing you get from this product. It has an adjustable drop (i.e. you can change the angle), safety straps and it’s also foldable.

Body Max doesn’t get nearly as much credit as it should. Probably because Body Max, the manufacturer, isn’t a famous brand, so it didn’t get too much advertising. Although it does look awfully similar to a frail lounge chair, the Body Champ lives up to its name.

It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, U-shaped handles for a better grip and controllable angles. Therefore, you won’t need to go to 180°. The ankle rollers are adjustable, as well.Body Champ Review

I’ve said it and I’d keep on saying it: instead of spending fortunes at the chiropractor’s and potentially getting no positive results, you better buy yourself a nice inversion table. This will do the trick on all your back problems. This is the perfect example.

Even though it’s quite cheap, it does its job and then some. Decompression is almost instant. In terms of design, this is your customary table. It’s got nothing out of the ordinary, but then again, you don’t need it to be a fashion statement, but a painkiller.

The item weighs 47 pounds. Dimensions are as follows: 46.1 x 26 x 5.3 inches. It is a little corpulent, that’s true, but if you’ve got plenty of space in your house, you shouldn’t worry about it, all the more so given that it’s foldable.

  • Adjustable height and angles
  • Great weight capacity
  • Ankle adjustment
  • Price
  • The rubber on the handles is somehow low-quality and they won’t last very long as a consequence

Concluding Remarks

This is where our buying guide on the best inversion tables comes to an end. I’m pretty certain there are many people who had no idea what this kind of table was supposed to do in the first place.Inversion Table Buying Guide End

Hopefully, this was an enlightening read. As you’ve seen, there are many things you must pay attention to when you want to purchase such a recovery apparatus. It’s by no means a toy and it should not be treated as such.

It is a medical product aimed at people who suffer from back and spine problems, from mild to serious. Acquiring the best inversion table takes some research usually, but I did that for you.

There is a chance that some of you might still not know enough about the 5 inversion tables outlined in this guide. Because of that, I’ve taken the time to take 4 of the best, analyze them and write an in-depth review for them.

This way, you’ll get all the info you need without spending a couple of hours looking on sources on the Internet that are anything but trustworthy. Every product that will be reviewed was purchased and used by yours truly.

As a consequence, I can guarantee you that only the truth will get to you.




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