Yoga Sequence


Strap Work

  • Hold a strap wider than shoulder-width distance & start with the strap resting atop your thighs
  • Inhale breath brings your strap up towards the sky
  • Exhale breath brings the strap overhead and down towards the ground
  • Do this 5-10x to awaken the shoulders + expand the chest

Puppy Pose

  • Do this posture after warming up the body or do it at 50% if the body is not warm yet
  • Choose forehead to floor/block or chin to the floor (this will deepen the posture)
  • Take child pose + prop elbows onto blocks (bend arms + send thumbs towards neck) if the posture is too intense
  • Do focus on keeping hips over knees
  • and always breathe…..


  • The extended arm MUST be in alignment with the shoulder socket
  • Do keep the head relaxing towards the ground or prop onto a block to relax
  • Choose to keep the back leg bent (like shown), straight or stacked atop the other leg
  • Stay incredibly aware if you’ve gone too deep & simply back off
  • Use this posture to nd a deep, but therapeutic stretch

Bow Pose

  • Do this posture after warming up the body – strengthening + opening
  • Start with knees together + feet together
  • Always breathe here & recognize if you lose the breath (if so, back out and move slower)
  • Choose to do this posture at 30% or 110% – do what feels good here, focus on the stretch + strength, not the shape

Wheel Pose

  • Do this posture towards the end of your practice
  • Modify by doing bridge pose or place a block between your thighs for added alignment + engagement
  • Just like bow pose, always breathe here, notice if you lose the breath and choose to back out or take a modi ed version

Supported Fish Pose

  • Use two blocks to prop your body up – one at the second height & one at the tallest height to start
  • The middle block’s position will align with your would-be bra strap
  • Do this posture to ground yourself at the beginning of your yoga practice or to seal your yoga practice
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