5 Ways to Fix Rounded Shoulders

[Updated on 1 June 2020] Well, it’s been years, hasn’t it? Years of carrying babies, working at a desk, doing dishes, changing diapers, and about a thousand other tasks that promote rounded shoulders. The pain is there, to be sure, but how do you fix rounded shoulders? Isn’t it just “one of those things”?

It Doesn’t Have to be Like This

The good news is that you don’t have to peer into a future of rounded hunched shoulders forever. And, as an added bonus, improving your rounded shoulders will help some of those aches and make you look thinner! Really?!

fix rounded shoulders

Yes. Those rounded shoulders aren’t just killing your back, they’re minimizing any of that progress you thought you were making at the gym! But there’s an easy fix.

Before we move on how to fix those rounded shoulders, I should probably mention getting the opinion of a medical professional. A medical professional can help you understand where you’re at, what your goals should be, and the best way for you to get there.

The Remedy for Rounded Shoulders


Stretching. It’s one of those things that we know we should do, we even feel better after doing it, but for some reason it never makes it from the to-do list to the done list. But this is one of the biggest things you can do to fix your rounded shoulders. Check out this article that has several stretches and exercises to get you going. Try to commit to a couple times a week to do just a few of these stretches and exercises. Just getting 10-15 minutes of stretching a couple days a week could make a big difference! We’ve written extensively on the best exercises: 6 Best Exercises To Correct Posture Easily.


The stretching is a good start, but if you’re really wanting to make a big difference, strength building is the way to go! You’ve spent years making the wrong muscles weak and tight. Stretching will help lengthen the tight muscles, strength building will help build the tight muscles. This article has several exercises you can do at home that require little or no equipment. Just a few minutes a day, a couple times a week will make a big impact here, too!


For those times when you know you need an extra reminder to straighten your shoulders, a posture corrector could really help! While you’re talking to your medical professional about fixing your rounded shoulders, ask for a great posture corrector to try! There are a lot of fits and styles that can help you achieve your goals. We’ve written extensively on posture corrector shirts and


Who says you always have to be the one hunched over the sink? Get the kids to help! The more you can spread out the tasks that lead to rounded shoulders, the less time that body shape has time to change your muscles!


At the end of the day, those rounded shoulders were a choice. Probably not one you made on purpose, but a choice nonetheless. So, one thing that can really make a difference is simply being mindful of your body. I know. There are a hundred tasks during the day that requires you to bend forward. And your body is going to want to do that in the easiest way possible. The way that it’s learned over the last few years of hunching over. But if we want a different result, we have to try something different, right?

fix rounded shoulders

So the next time it’s your turn to do dishes, or you’re hunched over your computer, think about the position your body is in. And when you start to notice that your shoulders are rolling forward, make a conscious effort to change them!

Now, Get it Done!

Your shoulders aren’t going to be fixed overnight. But you already knew that. However, with a commitment to just a few of these things, you can start to see improvement! And the more you’re able to dedicate to your goal, the faster you’ll achieve it!

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  1. Frieda Virgie Reply

    I have a really heavy backpack filled with the only things I need, but it’s still really heavy. It causes me to slouch, and my elbows and shoulders always hurt. How do I stop this?

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