Being Posture Smart Essay Contest

As part of our commitment to contribute back to society and improve the education of students all over the world, we are offering a contest for students who are currently enrolled or enrolling within one calendar year to a national or international university or School.

How poor posture affects your learning, confidence and mood, and the solutions you have taken to assure good posture. Student’s normally don’t take care of themselves and especially don’t pay much attention to their posture which can have negative effects on their health.

So in order to help students to take them to think about this when there are so many other things to do. We have decided to incentivize them. Just as a good professor knows – the more modalities brought into learning, the better it is easier to understand and remember.

As such, we are offering a series of prizes to motivates students to pay attention to their postures.

We will award $2000 USD to a winner.

Selection Criteria

Selections will be based on 2k words articles and you will allow us to publish and share your insights on our sites.

You will need to send your article at with a link to the essay published on your University/ schools’ site, or alternatively, you can send us a copy of your photo id with the link where you have published your article like on your social media accounts, etc.

How to Win

Like us on Facebook so you can track contest updates. In addition – tag us when you post.

Help spread the word and win other prizes!


  1. Share this page on your facebook page or other social media platform
  2. Tag us in the post with #yourbodyposture
  3. Send a screenshot of your post to

The more you post, the higher your chances of winning the extra prizes – we will SQUARE your number of posts for the number of entries.

standing-tallPrizes Includes:

  • 2000$ to 1 winner
  • Easy Readers
  • Back Braces
  • Desktop headset

All things to help a student keep a good posture.

Spread the word to help others Stand Tall.

Share on Facebook, Twitter or on your college’s website to enter the contest and stand a chance to win. Just send a screenshot and the link to including a tag #yourbodyposture, and you will be registered. Share more & increase your chances to win (We will square the number of your shares, so 3 shares = 9 chances to win)!

Even if you don’t win – you win because you thought about your health.

Past Winner

Year Winner Name Country
2018 Sharon Rivera Malaysia
2017 Ben Leistikow USA

Information Required 

Please provide us with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Last Attended School & Year of Graduation
  • Your intended place of study and course

You must submit your application by email to at least 7 days before the deadline where we pick the winner.


  • Send us your responses complying fully with our guidelines above
  • We will pick a winner on  – November 15th, 2019
  • If you are the winner, we will contact you to confirm your mailing address and send you the cheque.