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Pain in the neck? It could be an elevated First Rib

The first rib is the most superior of all the twelve ribs. It’s the first true rib that is located at the top of your chest. The First ribs sit right below your collarbone, and it is normally held in place by a series of supporting muscles. It’s ideally, one of the borders of the superior thoracic aperture. The human ribs are what create the thoracic cage structure, and that is what guards the thoracic organs. The intercostal space is supported by 12 pairs of ribs. The first of the seven ribs will progressively increase in length, while the remaining five ribs at the bottom decrease in length. The human ribs are highly trabecular and vascular and have thin outer layers with a compact bone. These are very similar to the first rib. It’s important to note that the 11th and 12th ribs are normally considered atypical ribs due to…